Kahnawake evicting non-Natives II

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E.Tamaran wrote:

Thanks KahnawakeMohawkLady. This needs to be saved. What a wonderful description of why we must have FN land for FNs only. Every single settler who opposes this basic concept is guilty of cultural genocide. Apples who oppose this basic concept are traitors (you know who you are...).


As we're approaching 100 posts I'll also ask that the mods for the FN Forum (who aren't FN by the way - irony) not close this thread because there's lots more to discuss. If you feel you must, please create another thread with a link back to this one.


"Germany for Germans!"

"Serbia for Serbians!"

"Rwanda for Tutsis."


A form of slogan with a long, proud tradition.


Indigenous lands must remain under the control of indigenous people.  This does not automatically mean that non-indigenous people should not be allowed on them.  Discussing the ways in which non-indigenous people should be allowed access is far from treason.


Narrow minds have trouble finding solutions.

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