BC Greens learning the ropes of politics

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BC Greens learning the ropes of politics

The BC Greens have been thrown into the world of power politics. It remains to be seen how they fair. I think we need a thread to talk about what they are doing.

Here is an article about the current negotiations. I fear for our province when I see who they have brought to the table with them as an advisor.

The Greens announced Tuesday that Weaver will serve as the party’s chief negotiator in the upcoming political talks.

The rest of the team consists of newly elected MLA, Sonia Furstenau; Liz Lilly, the party’s chief of staff, and Norman Spector, a former political aide for prime minister Brian Mulroney and B.C. premier Bill Bennett.

“British Columbians need effective government and Andrew Weaver is the key to providing it after this most unusual election,” said Spector in a statement.


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I find it interesting that Weaver says electoral change is a deal breaker and his main advisor, in the past, has tweeted this anti-democratic crap.

The alleged defects in our FPTP voting system would disappear if Canada moved to a two-party system