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But that result wont get the NDP official opposition. Gosh darn it, what a let down.


Nanos (Jun 15)

Libs 36.86

Cons 32.46

NDP 19.89

Second poll in recent times showing NDP only 12 percent from the official opposition. Mr Singh dont let the bumps on the road deter you, you are closer than some people think or ignore. And considering this is Nanos, NDP is even closer than that. 

Go NDP Go Singh



 In a recent Angus Reid Institute survey, Mr. Trudeau saw a double-digit surge of 12 points in his approval rating since March, thanks to his forceful response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s sabre rattling. The poll suggested Mr. Trudeau overwhelmingly captured the sentiment of Canadians when he reaffirmed the plan to retaliate against U.S. tariffs 


Another Liberal cheerleader.

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People will get behind Trudeau on the trade problems, as we kind of have to present a united front to Trump. This does not guarantee Trudeau long-term success. If trade goes down the shitter, no more Ontario seats for the Liberals.