EVERY Province Has Had A Female NDP Leader

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The exact same thing with provinces that don't end in "o".


i don't believe this comment of mm's is true at all.

who was the female leader in MN? NB? NS? NFDLB? PEI? QC?

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Manitoba Sharon Carstairs

Elizabeth Jane Weir New Brunswick

alexa McDonough Nova Scotia

Pat Mella PC PEI

Kathy Dunderdale NFLD

Pauline Marois PQ Quebec

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Sorry quiz I didn't see ndp


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NFLD Lorraine Michael

PEI Dolores Crane

Nova Scotia Alexa McDonough

NB Elizabeth Weir

Quebec Jocelyne Dupuis

Manitoba Flor Marcelino

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wow never found those names in my quick search. thank you.

Mighty Middle

quizzical wrote:

wow never found those names in my quick search. thank you.

quizzical if you watch the video


It features all 19 women who have been leader of the NDP from coast to coast to coast, with the exception of Sask.

Fun Facts Olive Crane & Dody Crane are the first only pair of sisters to be party leaders. Olive for the PEI PC Party & Dody for PEI NDP Party



A name that comes to mind of possible woman contenders is Nicole Sarauer.

I don't know anything about her could someone from Sask enlighten me about her?

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I don't know anything about her, sorry.



All parties need to do better with diversity.  Interesting to note that the federal Liberals never had a woman as leader while the NDP has had two.  And some provincial Liberal sections have never had a woman as leader.  Nova Scotia hasn't.  Diana Whalen was the leading candidate yet they went with Stephen McNeil.  Many said it was due to sexism.

Has the New Brunswick Liberals elected a leader?  Don't think.  Quebec Liberals although that's a different monster than other Liberal Parties.

How Liberal Parties failed to elect a woman as leader out of curiosity?  Mighty Middle, do you know?  


Now Saskatchewan has caught up with everyone else:


Nicole Sarauer was elected to lead the Opposition by her fellow MLAs on Tuesday and installed as interim NDP leader by the party's provincial council on Tuesday evening.

Trent Wotherspoon resigned the interim job last week to consider a run for the permanent role, despite saying repeatedly that he would not do that.


I was initially supportive of Dr. Meili becoming leader of the Saskatchewan NDP. But I've been thinking, with the Saskatchewan Party taking a beating in the press and in public opinion, along with the NDP coming back to live as evidenced by taking 2 seats in recent by-elections, it seems like Sauauer is doing a very good job. Is there any way for the Saskatchewan NDP to cancel the current leadership race and simlpy allow her to continue in that role permanently?