Crooked Ukraine: The Canadian Connection. Call For a Public Inquiry

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The Ossington Circle - Episode 15: Ukraine, Russophobia and Canada with Halyna Mokrushyna (podcast)

"In this episode, Ukrainian-Canadian academic Halyna Mokrushyna discusses the conflict in Ukraine, Russia and Russophobia, and the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada."


Russia Seeks International Arrest Warrant For Former Ukraine PM, Reported to Now Hold Canadian Citizenship  -  by David Climenhaga

"No one in Canada's mainstream media appears to have followed up on the original reports Yatsenyuk and his family were given Canadian citizenship, although perhaps they should be now if the situation is going to involve Canada in an extradition battle with Russia."


Chrystia Freeland's Family Lie Grows Bigger...

"The newly disclosed documents expose Freeland's repeated lying that Chomiak had been a victim of WWII, an unwilling journalist..."


Gorilla Radio: CFUV FM 102

Chris cook interviews John Helmer on Chrystia Freeland @ 37:25