Is a Canadian hockey team going to make it to the '17 Stanley Cup finals this year?

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Ryan Getzlaf's homophobic slur draws criticism from gay former player

Anaheim captain makes statement regarding remark made in Game 4


"I don't care how you mean it, when you say the word, it's a homophobic slur," said McGillis in a phone interview with The Canadian Press. "He doesn't sound, in my opinion, very apologetic. He's comparing what he said to a curse word and he didn't apologize to the LGBTQ community or take ownership of his actions. That's quite disappointing."

Fine not severe enough

Getzlaf's fine is the maximum allowable under the league's collective bargaining agreement with the NHLPA, but McGillis says he does not think it was severe enough.

He notes that as the Ducks forward has made millions of dollars over the course of his 12 year career, the $10,000 dollar fine isn't especially punitive. Instead, he hopes that the NHL, its players, and other sports leagues try to engage and educate adolescent players before homophobic, racist or sexist language is ingrained in their pscyhes.

"[Getzlaf] is a social influencer, he is a superstar hockey player and he has an opportunity to do some good things," said McGillis. "I think that if these athletes continue to just donate money they're missing the boat because that's not going to shift the culture and that's going to lead to more and more incidents like this."

You Can Play Project, an advocacy group dedicated to eliminating homophobia in sports, also criticized Getzlaf before Saturday's game.

"Words matter and Ryan Getzlaf's words are offensive. No language considered homophobic belongs in sports. It's not the language of role models. This is yet another opportunity to educate athletes, teams and fans," tweeted the organization that was founded by Philadelphia Flyers scout Patrick Burke and his father, Calgary Flames president Brian Burke.

'We took a step back'

Getzlaf's punishment was particularly disappointing to McGillis because last season Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw was suspended a game and fined $5,000 for using a homophobic slur and making obscene gestures toward officials in the first round of the playoffs.

"It seems like it's almost backwards," said McGillis. "We took a step back for equality and for hockey to be a safe space for everybody."


Joe Sakic among 8 inductees into IIHF Hall of Fame

Former teammates Selanne, Krupp also part of 2017 class


Can Nashville hold on?


They couldn't hold on.

Outshot and outplayed but Nashville still came back and for the first time Nashville is going to the Stanley Cup Finals!

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Go Nashville!


The NHLPA started in 1967. As late as 1969 Gordie Howe was making only $45,000 per year. Check "Sample salaries from earlier seasons" on this page.

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bekayne wrote:

The NHLPA started in 1967. As late as 1969 Gordie Howe was making only $45,000 per year. Check "Sample salaries from earlier seasons" on this page.

My point is and was that up until the late 80's or early 90's, salaries were nowhere near the ridiculous average salary a player makes a year now. Even if $45 000 a year was considered a 'high salary' in 1969.

The NHLPA served a purpose when it was created. It's now a fucking joke and a mockery of unions in general. I can't speak for everybody but if 'working' (playing a game) 6 months a year for a few million a season is not good enough for you and you must strike to 'feed your kids' , I strongly recommend you get a real job and find out what it's like for the rest of us. Especially hockey players because 90% of them hardly have a high school education. Be happy what you've been blessed with. Go whine and cry in a pile of money and fuck off.

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NHL salary cap to rise to roughly $80 million next season

NHL general managers should have the ability to reach deeper into their pockets next season.

The league says the projected salary cap for 2018-19 will be somewhere between US$78 million and $82 million, up from the current $75 million.

So basically, CEOs on skates.

Good news for those who couldn't get by on $75,000,000 though.


kropotkin1951 wrote:

hi kropotkin. Why did you make a blank comment in this thread? Is this an error mistake? Or something more?

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Every time a Canadian team gets into the playoffs, US TV ratings go down. That means less money for the NHL in Toronto. Would Toronto sell out the rest of Canada for money? Never!


Watching the Sedins play their final game last nite was like watching the NHL playoffs with the Canucks winning the Stanley Cup. It was indeed an event to remember!


Unfortunately Don Cherry has always been a little man!

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Go Bruins! 

But I'd put my money on a Tampa vs Las Vegas Stanley Cup final. 

I'll also be checking out the Flyers. 


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Cherry is a right wing asshole. He dresses, talks and looks like the stereotype of a d-bag.

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Leafs and Jets all the way!!!

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Are we talking about a hockey team comprised solely of Canadians, or what are we talking about?

"Go, Go, Niipu!  Make Finland and Canada great again!


I find this thread odd and out of place here on rabble/babble?

but before I go much further, who cares if a Canadian team wins the Stanley cup? Or for that matter who cares for high ticket sports entertainment?

i thought that there was a consensus here that the 1%are causing a drag and drain on the well being of our society, well that’s what’s professional sports is all about, extracting huge hard earned money and vital attention from people and returning next to no value! Just hype. 

If say the leafs won the cup do you know what would happen to me? Nothing. 

Now here’s some sweet hypocrisy. When Portugal is in the Ueropean or World Cup, I put up my Portuguese flag in the front window of my house and I pretty much become a soccer/football know it all over night! Watch all the games I can and when they win somehow Portugal is better than everyone else beyond just the game. 

And when they lose, it’s just a game that people waste their time on.


It seems a lot of people need that hockey or other sport distraction and anyway it beats going to war


It seems that pro-sports satisfies the tribal nature embedded in our psyches which makes sense since us homo sapiens were tribal for most of our evolution.

It also seems to me that for many people politics also fulfills the tribal nature embedded in our psyches. It seems that many people identify completely with one party and detest all the other parties even when they support many of the ideas and philosophies of the other parties. I think it would be better if people supported parties less and issues more.

That being said, the Yankees represent the dark side which is why I like them. They're the Dart Vader or The Dark Lord Sauron of baseball!

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bekayne wrote:

The NHLPA started in 1967. As late as 1969 Gordie Howe was making only $45,000 per year. Check "Sample salaries from earlier seasons" on this page.

Sorry to get back to this comment 1 year later..This thread re-opened and I was reading all the comments on both pages and it turns out I didn't ask you a question.

$45 000 in 1969 and $80 000 in 1979,even with the different costs of living,taxes and inflation does not equal the $10M a lot of players are making. The players who sit on the bench all year don't make less than $1M.

The players are over paid and overly pampered.

I find it interesting that back when the average NHLer was earning $50 or $60 000,they didn't wear helmets,they weren't dressed like a Knights armored jacket,they faught (very frequently) and they hit much more than they do now.

People will bring up bullshit 'facts' like the players being bigger and faster. It's possible they are faster but they are no bigger than the players that were playing 40 years ago.

It was inconceivable of a players strike back then as well. That's new. And ironically,these strikes startred when the plaers were playing for 20 times what players were paid back then.

That was the Gretzky effect. He RUINED the NHL.

The game is not the same. Frankly it sucks. I haven't sat through a whole game since the 90's. The players are all delicate crystal glasses now. Always a groin injury,always a concussion. This is something I never heard of in 1976,1986 or 1990.

The physical and REAL rivalries are all dead now. The league has goone G rated. For what? I don't know. The majority of fans miss old time hockey but because of a small pocket of 'fans' who whined and cried about the game's 'violence' and in  the end they got their wish.

My advice to them would be go watch golf,baseball (which now has more bench clearing brawls than the NHL--in fact you never see that happening in hockey anymore) or basketball. If you find those sports too violent (and I know you're out there) watch curling. Or here's an idea...Change the channel and fuck off.

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Panem et Circum

Although the NHL is in Toronto, they depend on American TV ratings for most of their cash. If Canadian teams get too high up in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the American TV fans switch off.

Thus it is in the NHL's interest that Canadian teams crap out as early in the playoffs as possible. P.K. Subban said as much when he left Montreal. "I want to win a Stanley Cup". If you can't win a Stanley Cup in Montreal for decades, where else in Canada can you win it?

During the season, Americans do like seeing Canadian teams getting beaten when they go on tour in the US. As far as American hockey fans are concerned, the "National" in the NHL means the US. Canada is just there to be made fun of, eh?

Many people into games in Canada are also into gaming, and playing the 6/49. For a very small amount of money, they can buy a dream for a week. When they lose the lottery, they can replace the dream with another ticket. 

The idea of a Canadian team winning the Stanley cup is like a lottery ticket dream. You can keep watching Don Cherry in his dog barf suits, and the hockey pros who are visibly embarrassed by the realization that all they are doing is filling up space and time for money. That is buying the ticket, but you don't have to pay. All you have to do is watch all these commercials from great Canadian corporate citizens whose profits continue to be impressive, and keep your eye on la rondelle. That way, Dog Barf Cherry can have a new suit every week!

And yes, I would be willing to bet that Don Cherry is supporting Doug Ford Jr. in the upcoming election in their colony. As a person who has knocked on many thousands of doors for political purposes, I can verify that if a person has a sports logo on their front window, they are almost always a Conservative/Reformer of the Mike Harris kind. Leafs Nation! Ford Nation!

So I am kind of suspicious of sports talk in a supposedly progressive forum. For thousands of years, the powers that be have used sports to distract people from their plight. The first Olympics was held in 773 BCE and ran until 393 CE. The Colosseum was able to accommodate thousands of attendants, all with a reasonable view of the playing field. This design remains more or less unchanged in almost 1,950 years.

States and municipalities gladly hand over hundreds of millions in each individual case for a new sports arena. If there were no sports rivalry, the rivalry would be based on something they fear.

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You can add what type of music is right wing.

Heavy Metal and Country Music fans tend to be right wing. Hardcore Punks tend to be left wing. I'm not sure about jazz and I'd put the number of right wingers who listen to classic rock at 50/50 but even then,certain rock bands have a left wing following. The old Folkies and European hippies tend to lean to the left.

But enough with the humanities class for today.

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Congratulations to the spanking the Bruins gave the Leafs. 1 down, 3 to go. In the words of Douche Cherry,it was a beauty.