The murderous Israeli apartheid regime

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Fisk: 'The Deal Jared Kushner Wants For Israel Would Strip Palestinians of Their Dignity'

"After three Arab-Israeli wars, tens of thousands of Palestinian deaths and millions of refugees, does Kushner really believe that the Palestinians will settle for cash?  There is something strange, almost comical about the photographs of America's diplomatic 'peacemakers' sitting around Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu...all are Jewish. Was it not possible within the entire US diplomatic corps and America's 'advisers' to find even one Muslim-American to join the team?


Israeli Snipers Execute 13 yr old Palestinian Child: 400 Injured and Two Killed

"The 13 year old child, Yasser Abu Naya, was executed by an Israeli sniper who targeted him with an explosive bullet. The head wound inflicted upon the child killed him instantly."

"Israel has every right to defend itself." PM Justin Trudeau


An Israeli Education (and vid)

"Build a house, it's like you wiped out a hundred Arabs. Build a settlement, it's like you wiped out tens of thousands of Gentiles...Arabs will be our slaves."

Free Palestine! Down with Apartheid Israel! For a national boycott!


While Palestine Burns - Canada Parties & Brownoses:  Look Who With...

"Thank you US Ambassador to Israel and US Embassy in Jerusalem for a great party - happy to stand by our southern neighbors as they celebrate their 242nd Independence Day in Israel!"


Demolition of Khan Al Ahmar: Another Chapter in the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine  (and vid)


"Just concluded a very positive, reassuring and in-depth meeting with PM Justin Trudeau about Canada's support for Israel..."

Disgusting and shameful


"Red Cross confirms the Israeli army is destroying and damaging Palestinian crops inside the occupied Gaza Strip by spraying herbicides from planes."


Israel Lawyer Appointed Chair of UN Human Rights Committee

"An Israeli lawyer was chosen yesterday to chair the UN Human Rights Committee, despite the country's dire human rights record. The committee will now be chaired by Yuval Shany, who was unanimously selected as Monday by its 18 members. Shany is deputy president of the Israel Democracy Institute and a member of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Faculty of Law. He has also worked for Israel's Ministry of Justice and as an advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister's Office and the Israeli Army."

Too grotesque for words.


Breaking: Israeli Occupation Forces shut down Karm Abu Salam border crossing on the border with Gaza, which is the only commercial crossing of the Gaza Strip


'Israel is Uninterested in Peace. The Only Solution is for Zionism to Disappear.' - Journalist

"Never in my entire life have I seen such hatred. The laws  in the Knesset, the racism, the fascism, the barbarism. The Zionist movement is the worst in history when it comes to sowing hatred between nations."

Canada supports: 26,000+ 'Walked With Israel' in TO in 2018. Only 200 stood against. This is the reality. The rest is BS and denial.


CIJA Holds 'Very Positive Meeting With Justin Trudeau

"On July 5, the Centre For Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) led a delegation to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to discuss recent events that they found concerning - namely, Trudeau's statement on the Israel-Gaza border clashes and Canada's abstention from voting on a UN resolution about the violence, both of which failed to mention Hamas's role in the conflict...

Our goal in these meetings is to strengthen the support for the Jewish communal agenda on a wide range of issues, including of course Israel, and to ensure this support is sustained..."


Training Our Police Israel's Way

Worry less about Russia. More about Israel...


CIJA & 'Wisdom Wednesday'

"I see Israel as one of the greatest outposts of democracy in the world..."


"Where is Gaza?"


In Their Own Words: The Racist Sentiments of Israel's Prime Ministers

"The hateful sentiments expressed by Israel's Prime Ministers demonstrates the extent to which racism is entrenched, indeed normalized, in Israeli political culture..."


Israelis Soon To Be Able to Purchase Land in the West Bank Against International Law

Thanks international community! Couldn't have done it without you... - Israel


Then Israel came calling...


"If they were Israeli Jewish kids killed by rockets fired from Gaza their deaths would be front-page story on every American newspaper and members of Congress would be up in arms among Israel's right to defend itself."


'When will Israel be held responsible for its crimes against children?'


Guardian has been pro-Zionist for a long time...

"Publishing an op-ed written by an Israeli war criminal that dismisses the Palestinians' right of return is an absolute disgrace..."


"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reassures everyone that she's not one of THOSE socialists, Palestine edition: 'Well, I believe absolutely in Israel's right to exist. I am a proponent of a two-state solution...' Very bad news. She must not succumb to this pressure."

If things don't work out for her there she sounds perfect for the NDP here...