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Commissioner of Canada Elections



The Commissioners name is William H. Corbett. I have been trying to find background bio and only find a person with the same name is a American born and raised LAWYER, who was born in 1916????????? Anyone know where to get a real bio???


I Googled


"William H. Corbett" site:*

and got a whack of government hits. That helped indicate that he seems to go by "Bill Corbett" generally, and searching that got a bit more. Seems to be a high-level guy in the public service who's filled several of legal-ish positions. Hope that helps.

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John K

Try this:
[url= H Corbett Bio and Role[/url]

Upon careful reading not so much a bio as a description of his role.

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Where's the bio?

I tried Google and couldn't find one either. Who is this dude?

Stephen Gordon

According to the [url= release[/url] announcing the appointment, he has a legal/administrative background. And it would appear that he was [url= of the House of Commons[/url] from 2000-2005.


I'm moving this to the babblers helping babblers forum as it involves tracking down information.

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