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Noob saying hi



Just wanted to drop by to say Hi Everyone!

I've been googling this morning and found this site. Unfortunately the topic I was reading is now closed (although I have to take a closer look at it).

Sounds like there's some really knowledgeable people on here who just might know a few things to help me out as I've got a problem I'd like to solve and not sure how to actually begin to solve it.

Anyway, I have to go now to bathe my eldest and do his physio but I'll be back shortly.

Look forward to meeting with you all.

Take care

Alberta Guy

Good to meet you, and welcome!


Welcome aboard, im_in_chains.


Hello, and welcome!

Wilf Day

Welcome, indeed. [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]

In case you feel a bit at sea on a Canadian board, I'll just say I once drove almost past your place while driving from Durham to Whitby. I remember the nice view looking back at Middlesborough as we headed up the A171. And then we stopped and found a nice market, which must have been in Guisborough.

Cameron W

Welcome to the forum im_in_chains!

Steppenwolf Allende

Hey There, welcome.

I'm back from a bit of an abduction, I mean vacation, myself, so I look forward to getting into the swing of things here again.

See you someplace here.


Welcome, my friend!


Oh my Goodness, how incredibly rude of me!

I've just done a Google search on my username as I cannot always recall where I've registered and I found this.

I'm sorry, I didn't realise I received so many replies and it looks like I completely forgot about this place. I feel awful [img]frown.gif" border="0[/img]

I cannot even remember about the problem I was wanting to solve. Must have been that good, huh?

Oh, someone mentioned my locality. How did you figure that out? Very intuitive! LOL.

Bye for now.

Wilf Day


Originally posted by im_in_chains:
[b]Oh, someone mentioned my locality. How did you figure that out? Very intuitive! LOL.[/b]

I couldn't today. The nice but nervous nellies who administer this site deleted the postal code option from the profile template, for fear someone might accidentally choose to disclose their real postal code without thinking that a stalker would be able to find their neighbourhood, and then have a go at stalking an anonymous person at an unknown address based on a few clues. Some folks are more risk-averse than others, I guess.

Anyway, welcome, again.


Wow, I've gone and done it again!

Gone away and not come back for ooh, 5 years this time. Good grief!

Hope you're all ok! Smile


Catchfire Catchfire's picture

Welcome back again, iic. See you in five years! Wink


Hey, you came back in only 9 months! Hope we can tempt you to stay this time!