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Progressive forum is great



I am so happy to see that Babble really is a forum for 'progressives' to discuss our ideas without the interferance and stultifying personal attacks from the conservative side, the RW Christian fundies, the Harper-Bushies.

Every other forum I post at produces replies that simply squash any helpfull ideas about solving global warming [the deniers show up en masse], or solutions to social problems.

Everywhere except here, complaining about our overly powerfull corporate culture gets nothing but personal attacks [the venue of those who are wrong but cannot admit it!].

And so on - I am sure "you" get it! Thanks for this opportunity for enlightenment, I hope I can fit in here.

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Welcome, Noah.


Thanks, Noah. This is refreshing. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img] Welcome.


Oh dear, another one who believes in Globull Warming and thinks corporations (who produce all the wonderful things we consume) are evil entities....without their moral leadership we'd all be commies or worse!

Where will it end, where will it end! Next thing you know, someone will claim that all those of the muslim faith should be treated respectfully instead of as the terrorists they all are.

Doesn't anyone watch the (Fox) news? Is there no one who listens to Mr. Cheney? Is there no respect for Mr. Murdock's fine journals. If we weren't killing people in Afghanistan, Mr. Harper would have no reason to re-focus Canadians by cutting the GST, after all.

Next thing you know, someone will trashing the revered memories of Brian Mulroney, Ron Reagan, the Iron Lady and, gasp, Tony Blair.

When will it end! When will it end!

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With Blair's soon to be released book? Welcome Noah


Thanks for the replies everyone.

Hello Munroe, thats a sharp sarcasm you got there - at least I sure HOPE thats what that is [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]

Didja see the 5th estate on Brian Mulroney - "Canada's BM" - being a tax cheat and comitting perjury?


Noah, you jest! [img]cool.gif" border="0[/img]


well, i 'jest' started posting here... and the word "progressive" used to be in the title of the CPC {Progressive Conservatives"].

Besides, I am generally slow-mined [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]



Originally posted by munroe:
[b]Noah, you jest! [img]cool.gif" border="0[/img] [/b]

nah, you're thinking of his sister Shirley.





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Old goat, I feel your sorrow. A great man like Mulroney needs room to escape scrutiny, for what, stuffing $300,000 in his pocket, for work he was doing.

Why would you be the "goat" for simply doing what you do.

Power to the people (small print - who can really understand and exploit our freedom to exploit, cheat, mislead and sing Irish songs well).

Where the hell is Noah now? He's the guy that thinks defending a lying bastard with greedy thoughts is a mistake. I guess he ran for the hills to graze away with all the young and older animals.

Praise Brian! Without him there's be no Steve!

I called Brian, but he won't share in financing my "Brian, right and wrong" campaign. Damn good bumpersticker, I wish I'd applied to patent.

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