Finaly I'm here!

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Finaly I'm here!

Hi everyone. Please let me introduce myself. My handle is WWWTT. I previously contributed to other forums so perhaps this handle may sound familiar. As I get more comfortable with navigating on this site/forum, I should become more bold and cavalier in my debates/discussion! My wife is Chinese. My parents are Portuguese (Acores) and I'm a socialist. Not looking for friends, looking to expand my awareness and share what knowledge/perspective I have been lucky to accumalate. Looking forward to what this site has to offer!



I've never happened to encounter you on other forums, political-social or otherwise (travel, food, culture, languages etc). Other than the huge continent of Asia, I'm fascinated with the Azores (Açores), a stopping-off place between the old and new worlds and with the degree to which the island group is self-sufficient. Many of the Portuguese people here in Montréal (and doubtless in other parts of the Americas) hail from there.

Welcome to babble!


Hi lagatta! I haven't been to Sao Miguel in 20 years, but apparently they're very dependent on the European Union now from what I hear. Sorry that you have not heard of me before. Perhaps I have exaggerated my reputation? Look forward to discussing/exchanging with you in the future.

Thank you



I have read your posts elsewhere, and you are a welcome addition here.

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Welcome WWWTT!