I'm a newbie

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Punned It
I'm a newbie

Just a brief hello to all.

I've never been strongly political or much of an activist but several recent events have pushed me to my breaking point.  I'm fed up and ready to do something about it.

In a way, I have Rob Ford (I live in Toronto) and Stephen Harper to thank for becoming more active.  Both of them have been outrageous in their duplicity as they call for reduced taxes, without explaining that they benefit the rich more than the poor, and lead directly to service cuts and user fees.  We are left on our own to pay out of our own pockets for things we used to get at no charge, and it's always more than the tax was.



Welcome Punned It (great user name, BTW).

Punned It

Thank Rebecca!  One of those inspirational 'aha' moments.

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Hi Punned it! Welcome, and I am also a fan of you're username. In a sense, anyway. I'm not relishing the invitation it will send to our resident peanut gallery to flex their (pitiable) punning muscles.

Punned It

I actually don't use puns anymore.  Someone in Ford Nation called me punt it, which gave me a chuckle.

Thanks for the welcome!