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Lurking no more

Hello Babblers,

After a few years of lurking the Babble thread, I decided to join in. I teach political economy, write books, am strongly pro-union, and have worked on NDP campaigns so if you prick me, I bleed orange.

About 20 years ago when I was first legally allowed to vote, I did vote Liberal. I was young and foolish, so hopefully that won't be held against me!

So, hello from London, Ontario.

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Hi Preacademic! Welcome to non-lurking babble!




Fair warning, I am a supporter of Trudeau and slowly becoming a supporter of the Federal Liberals as a party due to my disagreement with the Sherbrooke Declaration.

Provincially I am coming periliously close to becoming a non-voter as the party I thought was progressive first, separatist second, appears to be separatist first even if it means supporting an extreme right winger, PKP.



Thanks for the welcome!

@Pondering: I think any of us who consider the policies of each party on its own merits will find something we cannot agree with. I would consider myself a bit leery about the Sherbrooke Declaration as well, but for me it isn't a deal-breaker as it is for others. I think we all park try to park our vote with the party that is the best fit with our principles, even if we can't always buy into the party's policies 100%. That being said, I see a great deal of lively and often respectful debate among people of different political stripes, and that is one of the draws of this forum for me. This is by far a much more reasonable space to debate than the partisan heckling one sees on any news comment pit!


Welcome Precademic and hello also from London, ON!


Yes, welcome Precademic  - hope you enjoy it here.