Saying hello to one and all

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Saying hello to one and all

New here. Hope to make new friends here, and learn, learn, learn. Best wishes to one and all.


Welcome to babble, outdoor-enthusiast.

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Hello o-e! Welcome to babble. I hope you find what you came looking for -- and maybe in return I can ask you for fishing tips.


Thanks Catchfire! I am a total fail at fishing, I am afraid. Don't take any fishing tips from me unless you want to go vegetarian!


Welcome! Are you by chance a camper?


Sineed, I certainly am. The more primitive the better. Except I have to be able to bake brownies. Love cycle touring too.


Welcome to babble! Do you hike as well as camp? I'm a big fan of both. I'm getting a little on in years for extreme camping but I did a fair bit of it when I was younger.


I love hiking! Really enjoyed the AT.