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"A year ago Trump's CIA vowed to 'end' WikiLeaks after it began publishing the largest leak in CIA history. Vault 7."

Too bad so many here side with CIA.


Roger Stone sought to get information on Clinton from Assange.



"Shortly before he was silenced 56 days ago Julian Assange was investigating the UK's involvement in what has now become known as 'Spygate'..."

'Just Be Fair'  -   by Stefania Maurizi

"...I don't think I have ever seen another media organisation targeted by the full force of the State as WikiLeaks is. Media like the Guardian should not assist governments and other powerful entities in smashing WikiLeaks. That's not what journalism is supposed to do."


what has now become known as 'Spygate'..."

Only "known" as that by Trump and his defenders.


Julian Assange 'In Jeopardy' of Being Forced Into UK/US Detention

"According to a CNN report today, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is in imminent danger of being forced to leave the Ecuador embassy in London. He would face arrest by British authorities and possible extradition to the US, where he could face life imprisonment or execution on espionage charges. CNN said that 'multiple sources with knowledge' of Assange's 'unusually bad' situation warned that he could be removed from the embassy 'any day now'..."


Blumenthal: 'US Fears Julian Assange and his Revelations'

Notice how similarly venomous some Canadian 'progressives' sound to the US elite reactionary officials whose interests they apparently support.


#Free Assange

"Startling discussion with former CIA officer John Kiriakou on the situation of Julian Assange.

'This is a human-rights issue.'


Ug, this is not good.   Thanks for the updates, NDPP.


John Pilger and Courage Foundation Announce 'Urgent Campaign' to Free Assange

"The Courage Foundation announces an urgent campaign to support Julian Assange and demand his freedom. Keep an eye on our liveblog for updates..."


Conspiracy Builds To Force Assange Out of Ecuadorian Embassy

"With each passing day, the danger facing Julian Assange increases..."


The Eerie Silence Surrounding the Assange Case

"There is a silence among many who call themselves left. The silence is Julian Assange. As every fake accusation has fallen away, every bogus smear shown to be the work of political enemies, Julian stands vindicated as one who has exposed a system that threatens humanity..."

PM Theresa May, Free Julian Assange!

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"With each passing day, the danger facing Julian Assange increases..."

That could as easily have been from three years ago.  When will the Shadowy Forces drop the other shoe, NDPP?


Assange's Lawyer Calls Out Government: 'Ashamed To Be Australian' (and vid)

 Julian Assange's lawyer, Australian-born Jennfer Robinson shocks and surprises the Aussie morning host duo, with one very burning question: Why hasn't Assange's home country come to his defense?


SEP Rally To Free Julian Assange

Free Assange! Fight Internet Censorship! John Pilger and other speakers


Going Underground: Julian Assange's Lawyer on 6 Years of Arbitrary Detention (and vid)

"In this episode, we ask Julian Assange's lawyer Jennifer Robinson is Australia will rescue its citizen - as this week marks six years of his incarceration in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London."


For Our Rulers, Smearing A Dissident Journalist Is As Good As Killing Him

"As I write this, demonstrations around the world are taking place in protest of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange's arbitrary detention. People who disrupt dominant narratives will always be attacked and vilified..."

Free Assange! Free Media! Free Speech!

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He's not being detained.  He chose to hide out, and he can choose to leave any time.  Can we at least stop pretending he's been thrown in solitary?  If nothing else, it's a giant insult to people who ARE or HAVE BEEN actually detained.


Julian Assange Arbitrarily Detained By Sweden and the UK, UN Expert Panel Finds

Justice For Assange