RCMP make more gun owners criminal overnight

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RCMP make more gun owners criminal overnight

I thought a number of people here would appreciate this, maybe rejoice.

The RCMP once again interpreted firearm laws in a wacky way and cosigned even more gun owners to criminalhood.

Now if you own one of these you could go to jail. It's an "80% lower reciever"


What that you ask? A block of aluminum that one day, with a lot of tools, machining, a bunch of pins and springs and a lot of skill, can be turned into the lower reciever frame a rifle or hand gun.  Which is then legal. 



In the unfinished metal form however it has the same prohibited classification as a machinegun now.

The weird thing though is that an "80% lower" is essentially a block of allumnium. Imagine going to jail for this.




By extention, anyone who owns a copper tube in their house like this could be a crimminal since you can turn it into a blow gun, which is illegal.


Blowgun (Yaqua Blowgun)

34. The device commonly known as "Yaqua Blowgun", being a tube or pipe designed for the purpose of shooting arrows or darts by the breath, and any similar device. Blowguns are hollow tubes typically made of wood or plastic with an opening at each end. Darts or arrows are placed in one end, and forced out the other end using the force of the operator's breath. The darts used may be made of metal, plastic or wood, and can occasionally be made with poison tips.


Rev Pesky

I'm not sure where you dredged that drivel up from, but you might send them a note explaining the meaning of the phrase "designed for the purpose of".