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Donald Gutstein's blog

Donald Gutstein is an adjunct professor in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University and co-director of NewsWatch Canada. His book on Stephen Harper and think tanks will be published this fall. His website is [url=http://www.donaldgutstein.com]www.donaldgutstein.com.[/url]

Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog May 1
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Donald Gutstein | Who's funding your health research? Is it the same people who funded tobacco research to 'prove' second-hand smoke doesn't cause cancer? Let's follow the money.
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog April 24
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Donald Gutstein | It took a court case to prove it, but Fraser Institute research results that questioned whether smoking can cause cancer were funded by Big Tobacco. Who funds today's research?
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog April 17
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Donald Gutstein | If two foreign interests, with little background in news, own the Canadian newspaper National Post, then is it still Canadian? Hmm, seems like they found a loophole around that.
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog April 8
Photo: flickr/"Piping Cold" by Darren Kirby
Donald Gutstein | Does the University of Calgary's School of Public Policy benefit from the university's reputation for scholarship and independent research and, at the same time, promote the oil industry?
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog April 3
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Donald Gutstein | Barrick Gold's retiring chairman Peter Munk has pumped millions into support for the unfettered free market.
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog March 28
Donald Gutstein | Andrew Coyne tries to swat down those who advocate for decent government programs. He's not always successful.
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog March 25
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Donald Gutstein | With millions of dollars from the Weston family's vast fortune, the Fraser Institute has attacked public education for over a decade.
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog November 15
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Donald Gutstein, Mae Burrows | Workplace health issues need to become part of our daily consciousness. Unions can't make that happen on their own.
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog February 16
Donald Gutstein | Generational conflict is neo-liberalism's strategy for diverting attention away from the real cause of the financial and economic crisis -- the actions of the one per cent.
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog February 1
Donald Gutstein | Canada West Foundation economist Michael Holden wants us to believe his think-tank is the only one “dedicated to being the objective, non-partisan voice for issues of... concern to Western Canadians."
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog January 13
Donald Gutstein | Is Stephen Harper's goal for Canada the United States of today? Why is Harper following the American plan to further widen the income gap?
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog November 18
Donald Gutstein | Last week I received a spooky, racist letter, meant, I think, for the Reform wing of the Harper Conservatives.
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog July 26
Donald Gutstein | Rupert Murdoch's phone-hacking problems have been all over the news in recent days, but it wasn't too long ago his media properties were providing a supportive environment for Big Tobacco.
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog June 8
Donald Gutstein | Is it just a coincidence that the Harper budget and the Fraser Institute's tax freedom day fell on the same day? Or have government and think-tank ramped up their level of co-operation?
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog March 28
Donald Gutstein | Two frames compete for dominance in this election. Which frame the corporate media privilege may determine the outcome.
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog March 24
Donald Gutstein | Banks are at the heart of the corporate attack on workers' rights in Wisconsin. You wouldn't know it by reading the corporate media.
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog March 7
Donald Gutstein | Stephen Harper may be following George W. Bush's trek to 'compassionate conservatism.'
Blog - Donald Gutstein's blog February 14
Donald Gutstein | Stephen Harper is on a deregulation tear as big and small business team up to undermine health, safety and environmental protections.