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Alberta Diary

David Climenhaga, author of the Alberta Diary blog, is a journalist, author, journalism teacher, poet and trade union communicator who has worked in senior writing and editing positions with the Toronto Globe and Mail and the Calgary Herald. His 1995 book, A Poke in the Public Eye, explores the relationships among Canadian journalists, public relations people and politicians. He left journalism after the strike at the Calgary Herald in 1999 and 2000 to work for the trade union movement. Alberta Diary focuses on Alberta politics and social issues.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 26
Dr. Doug Klein, Edmonton family physician, Dr. David Ryan, St. Albert family physician, and Minister of Labour, Christina Gray.
David J. Climenhaga | Upon passage, Bill 17 will bring Alberta labour law as it pertains to unions into the late 20th Century and place it squarely in the middle of the legal mainstream.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 25
Joan Crockatt. Image: David Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | A great Liberal candidate, Kent Hehr, and a great Liberal campaign, Justin Trudeau's, won the election of 2015. Claims to the contrary are codswallop.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 24
Christina Gray
David J. Climenhaga | Labour law changes expected in legislation in Alberta are not likely to be as bold as those planned by Ontario's Liberal government.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 19
Brian Jean & Jason Kenney (Wildrose Party photo)
David J. Climenhaga | The You See Pee may enter the 2019 Alberta election favoured by political odds makers, but they are as capable of blowing their lead to smithereens as the PCs were in 2015.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 18
Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger
David J. Climenhaga | Unlike 1972 when we all thought the world might end the same way because Nixon was mining Haiphong Harbour, at least this time there’s someone around who might be able to talk the president out of it.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 18
Rachel Notley
David J. Climenhaga | The "Asian premium" and "tidewater premium" for Alberta bitumen are myths spread by governments and pipeline proponents, argues earth scientist David Hughes.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 16
Rona Ambrose (Photo: Number 10/flickr)
David J. Climenhaga | The Wilson Center is tied closely to the U.S. government and housed in the Ronald Reagan Building. As a former Conservative Party leader, Rona Ambrose should feel right at home there.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 12
Shannon Daub (Photo: David Climenhaga)
David J. Climenhaga | The New Climate Change Deniers ask: Why take the flack for denying the reality of climate change when you can have the same effect and get credit for being "green"?
Blog - Alberta Diary May 10
Rachel Notley in Tokyo, April 2017
David J. Climenhaga | Success on the pipeline file is apparently essential to political success in Alberta -- never mind the world market for petroleum.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 5
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley on May 5, 2015. Image: David Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | Keep an eye on what happens in British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario. And take it from Alberta: never say never!
Blog - Alberta Diary May 4
Photo: DanielPaquet/Wikimedia Commons
David J. Climenhaga | In the short term it looks very much as if the Saskatchewan government will need to be in court appealing the ruling if Premier Brad Wall hopes to keep it from taking effect.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 3
Fort Mac Fire
David J. Climenhaga | Ignoring the effects of global climate change as a policy, as some political parties, notably not the Alberta NDP, want to do, is not the answer to situations like the Fort Mac Wildfire.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 2
Sandra Jansen (David Climenhaga photo)
David J. Climenhaga | In Alberta conservative circles, apparently what's sauce for the goose isn't sauce for the gander!
Blog - Alberta Diary May 1
Arseniy Yatsenyuk, former Ukraine PM, with then Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper in July 2015. (Screen capture of CBC broadcast.)
David J. Climenhaga | The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is said to be seeking the extradition to Russia of Arseniy Yatsenyuk for events that took place in 1994 in Chechnya.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 30
Jason Kenney
David J. Climenhaga | In a tweet yesterday, Alberta PC leader Jason Kenney himself briefly surfaced, saying he was in Vancouver "for a conference."
Blog - Alberta Diary April 28
Alberta Labour Minister Christina Gray (Photo: Dave Cournoyer)
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta’s workplace laws haven’t been significantly changed for about 30 years of Tory rule -- and not because they're perfect. Au contraire!
Blog - Alberta Diary April 27
Kevin O'Leary
David J. Climenhaga | A good news-bad news story for Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier -- Kevin O’Leary was his chief competitor; O'Leary's endorsement isn't going to help.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 26
U.S. President Donald Trump (Photo by Gage Skidmore, Flickr.)
David J. Climenhaga | Conservative Canadian politicians who crossed the border to campaign for Donald Trump should probably be thinking about what to say when the issue comes up in public.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 25
Photo: A modern U.S. dairy operation/Wikipedia
David J. Climenhaga | While supply management gives consumers a quality product at a price that allows local farmers a living wage, the alternative is not cheaper milk, cheese, eggs and poultry.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 25
Image: Facebook/Jason Kenney
David J. Climenhaga | Right-wing unification talks are proceeding behind closed doors in Alberta. Where is the promised grassroots process? Nowhere to be seen.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 22
The Bennett School in Edmonton, Alberta
David J. Climenhaga | Catholic education is constitutionally protected in Alberta and Saskatchewan, but nowhere is it written Catholic education must permeate every other subject taught.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 20
Elections Alberta Logo (Elections Alberta)
David J.Climenhaga | If the latest numbers show anything it's how much support there is for the NDP, notwithstanding the prevailing narratives on the right and in mainstream media.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 19
Stephen Mandel, would-be uniter of Alberta’s "centre," when he was a Tory minister. (David Climenhaga photo.)
David J. Climenhaga | About the only difference between the Dippers of '17 and the Tories of '71 is that a slightly larger percentage of NDP policy is more than mere rhetoric.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 18
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.
David J. Climenhaga | If the Edmonton Oilers do better than the Calgary Flames in the NHL playoffs, Alberta Conservatives will presumably try to find a way to blame the NDP for that too.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 15
Allan Hunsperger (Wildrose Pary photo, 2012)
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta's right-wing political parties still haven't been able to crawl back out of the fiery pit Pastor Allan Hunsperger led them into.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 14
Wildorse Leader Brian Jean with reporters. But where's Jason?
David J. Climenhaga | If anyone sees Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenney, please let someone responsible know. If he doesn't show up soon, his face is going to start appearing on milk cartons!
Blog - Alberta Diary April 12
Alberta Agriculture Minister Oniel Carlier (front left) and Alberta Beef Producers Chair Bob Lowe (front right). GoA Photo
David J. Climenhaga | Continuing to make farmers fund agricultural check-off organizations, some of which function almost as auxiliaries of the Wildrose Opposition, is not going to help the Alberta NDP.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 11
Screenshot of the offending anti-abortion video
David J. Climenhaga | Albertans deserve to know what opposition politicians would actually do about such situations in tax-financed schools.
Blog - Alberta Diary April 10
Alberta labour lawyer Andrew Sims (David Climenhaga photo)
David J. Climenhaga | It's worth asking the question if over time this approach could lead to the creation of an Academic Faculty Union of Canada?
Blog - Alberta Diary April 8
David J. Climenhaga | The departing PC Party president was never going to be forgiven by Leader Jason Kenney's forces once they were in charge and remaking the party in their own image.