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Blog - The Views Expressed September 12
Caroline Grego | Catastrophic storms and other disasters are not anomalies but signs that systems of environmental exploitation, corporate greed, and laissez-faire government are working exactly as they should be.
Blog - Alberta Diary September 12
Image: Flickr/Government of Alberta
David J. Climenhaga | Outraged when Rebel was shut out, Alberta press gallery won't help with accreditation role that it said government must drop.
Blog - Alberta Diary September 11
Image: Flickr/Premier of Alberta​
David J. Climenhaga | Politics is a full-contact sport, played with the elbows up, and if young people are contemplating an elected career, they’ll need a thick skin. Grade six is not too early to learn this.
Blog - September 11
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Adrian Buss​
Thomas Woodley | Roger Waters' support for BDS has come under strident criticism by Canada's pro-Israel lobby, but Waters' human rights credibility is difficult to deny
Blog - On The Other Hand September 9
Satellite image showing Hurricane Irma in the Atlantic Ocean. Image: Flickr/Official U.S. Navy Page
Penney Kome | Study identifies major corporate carbon emitters, such as Exxon, opening them to class action suits.
Blog - The Activist Toolkit Blog September 7
Image: Hugo Chavez Front
Nino Pagliccia | Activists are coming together to stand up against the disinformation and inform each other on Venezuela.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog September 7
Yves Engler | While nurses defend public health care, doctors have long promoted a capitalist model of medicine that maximizes their wealth and power.
Blog - The Views Expressed September 6
Chris Watson | At stake in the niqab debate is Canada's and the NDP's commitment to the equality and dignity of persons and the freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of religion.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog September 6
Image: Facebook/Edmonton Strathcona Federal NDP
Yves Engler | Having failed to deter Ashton from expressing support for the Palestinian cause by associating her with "terrorists," B'nai Brith brought the Holocaust into the NDP leadership race.
Blog - David Suzuki September 5
2007 Tabasco flood. Image: Flickr/Huitzil
David Suzuki | As climate disruption accelerates in concert with still-increasing greenhouse gas emissions, people are looking for ways to protect cities from events like flooding.
Blog - September 4
Image: Flickr/European External Action Service
Thomas Woodley | Israel's school textbooks have the same and sometimes worse problems than Palestinian school textbooks.
Blog - Pulpit and Politics September 4
Unions are good for individuals, communities and society at large.
Dennis Gruending | It's Labour Day this week and the message is that unions are good for individuals, for communities and for society at large.
Blog - Alberta Diary September 4
Rachel Notley & friends at last year's EDLC Labour Day BBQ (Photo: David Climenhaga)
David J. Climenhaga | Passage of the Fair and Family-friendly Workplaces Act on June 6 finally dragged Alberta labour law into the 20th Century -- less than two decades into the 21st!
Blog -'s staff blog September 4
Barb Byers | On this Labour Day I wish you all the chance, like me, of being an activist in your organizations and your communities.
Blog - Activist Communiqué September 3
Krystalline Kraus | After the G20 protests in Toronto and the ensuing lawsuits, the Toronto police have promised to use kettling as a technique of crowd control. But that doesn't mean activists are 100% safe.
Blog - The Views Expressed September 2
Ed Finn | The social, environmental, and financial excesses of the corporate elite are becoming more obvious all the time, making it easier to expose their antics and fight back.
Blog - Alberta Diary September 2
John Heaney
David J. Climenhaga | John Heaney will be replaced as chief of staff by Nathan Rotman, who has worked as issues management director of the Premier’s Office and chief of staff to Finance Minister Joe Ceci.
Blog -'s staff blog September 1
rabble staff | Amy Goodman, American broadcast journalist, syndicated columnist, investigative reporter and author of six books will be speaking as part of's fall fundraiser.
Blog - The Views Expressed September 1
Steven Tufts | 700 workers at Toronto Pearson International Airport have been on strike since July 27th. This little strike has larger ramifications for airport industrial relations and its 50,000 workers.
Blog - Pulpit and Politics September 1
Sir John A Macdonald. Was he a founding father, a racist, or both? Some want his name removed from buildings. Image: Dennis Gruending
Dennis Gruending | Sir John A. Macdonald: Was he a founding father, a racist, or both? Some want his name removed from buildings.
Blog - The Views Expressed August 31
Tom Parkin | Since NDP leadership candidate Guy Caron provoked this uncomfortable but necessary debate, New Democrats on twitter or other social media have equated secularism with racism.
Blog -'s staff blog August 31
Pam Palmater | What we need in Canada is an independent media system that is tuned to the activism that fights for a more just, wise, and equal world.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog August 31
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Yves Engler | The former Nobel Peace Prize winner was an aggressive militarist and imperialist. There is even a case to be made that the former prime minister could be posthumously tried for war crimes.
Blog - August 31
UNRWA refugee shelters, school and mosque in Rafah, Gaza. Image: Flickr/ISM Palestine  Like this article? Please chip in to keep stories like these coming.
Thomas Woodley | Canada must protect its aid program from mean-spirited and prejudiced domestic influences.
Blog - Activist Communiqué August 31
Image: Flickr/Alisdare Hickson
Krystalline Kraus | If you think that you're the only one who has been worried about the Make America Hate movement in the United States and are struggling to find a way to get involved, to act, you are not alone.
Blog - David Suzuki August 30
 Image: Flickr/Mike Mozart
David Suzuki | Although Exxon knew of and communicated internally about its product's climate impacts and the danger of it becoming a "stranded asset," it told the public a different story.
Blog - On The Other Hand August 30
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Oxfam East Africa
Penney Kome | Bystanders can and do change history. And we are all bystanders as our global neighbours suffer the scourges of war, disease, and famine.
Blog - Nora Loreto's blog August 28
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Nora Loreto | This isn't really a struggle over monuments, it's a struggle over public space: does the public have a right to determine what is placed our public spaces?
Blog - The Views Expressed August 28
Ed Finn | One of the reasons -- arguably the main reason -- why the big transnational corporations are now running the world is because most people don't believe they are.
Blog - Alberta Diary August 28
Sarah Hoffman
David J. Climenhaga | Rolled out skillfully, because most Albertans are not fools, a sales tax might be more saleable than either major party imagines -- especially in light of the alternatives.