Julie Devaney

May 27, 2015

Ontario home care is a system in crisis

The Ontario government has a new plan for home care that promises increased funding and improvements. But are these enough in a system threatened by privatization, market-modelled care and austerity?
Mar 30, 2015

This is your prime minister on drugs

It may appear that harm reduction and safe-injection sites are peripherally related to the campaign for a national pharmacare plan, but the Harper government's drug policies inextricably link them.
Nov 15, 2004

Supersized sexism on indymedia

Julie Devaney
I was taught rather brashly by a series of postings on New York City Indymedia that the most untouchable of heroes is Morgan Spurlock, director and star of the anti-McDonalds flick, <i>Supersize Me</
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