Rick Salutin

May 17, 2002

Did the Pundits take the Allies in Four?

Having pundits predict correct, certain answers to difficult questions is reassuring for our species. No one likes to feel that the important events in our lives - wars, children, Stanley Cups - are
May 10, 2002

The Not-So-Great White North

Some Americans still believe that without them, Canadians would still be living in igloos. September 11 has only hardened their belief that they're the best - at everything.
May 3, 2002

Partnership of Chosen Peoples

There is a mystery to the strength of the bond between Israel and the United States which may be built on the American notion of exceptionalism.
Apr 19, 2002

That's the Way the Coup Crumbles

Two weeks ago, George W. Bush told Israel to end its invasion of Palestinian territory "without delay" then sent his Secretary of State to back it up. Israel ignored and defied him. In response, the
Apr 12, 2002

The U.S. Knew We'd All Come Around

I've always assumed that those in power talk one way to each other on subjects such as the Middle East (about oil, Israel as their policeman, power politics etc.) and another way publicly (about demo
Apr 5, 2002

Is There a Way Out of this "War"?

With the recent escalation of violence in the Middle East, certain questions need to be answered. Who's to blame for the war? Can we even call it a war? When will it end? How?
Mar 29, 2002

Mike's Legacy of Pain

On the eve of Mike Harris's departure - realizing devastation is not much of a legacy, that something positive would be preferable - are arts buildings the best the man can come up with, without undo
Mar 22, 2002

Marking Dalton's Death

We currently endure a generation of callow leaders lacking that perspective. Dalton Camp was the kind of conservative who once stood for the "organic" wholeness and mutual responsibility of a society
Mar 15, 2002

I Confess: A Defence of Poetry

The problem with relying on experts is they often take their own particular expertise rather than everyone's common humanity as the basis for analysis. The result is advice based on our differentness
Mar 8, 2002

The Edifice Complex, and More on War

A number of America's European allies met last month to "focus on conditions that breed terrorism" where they put special stress on poverty. Let's say instead that it is not poverty, but a sense of i
Mar 1, 2002

Lest We Forget Nationalism

The Olympics are almost entirely a celebration of nationalism, not individual achievement, and in the era of globalization, national passions show no sign of becoming obsolete ...
Feb 15, 2002

Morality is the Only Practicality

A group of Israeli army reservists have publicly said they refuse to serve in the occupied territories. The impact here is that they have cut through the fear and rage that cloud clear thinking on bo
Feb 8, 2002

Misdirection, Anti-Magic and Enron

Enron, the ant-magician, have given away the secret of a great trick of the past twenty years. I mean the fake debate over government versus private enterprise, or public versus private sector.
Feb 1, 2002

The Age of Cheesy Abstractions

Since September 11, I would say we have lived in a world dominated by abstractions that are neither good nor evil, but simply cheesy, and which don't help much at all.
Jan 25, 2002

Hugged by my Dry-Cleaner

Don't blame the privatizers because of our crumbling health care system. They've tried everything, including accusations of timidity. "I hope you will overcome the fear of change," Ralph Klein told A
Jan 18, 2002

Hello Kandahar, Goodbye Frank Shuster

Since the 1960s, it has felt like Canadians either had to fight the Americans or join them; and since then the pressures have kept increasing. After September 11, the issues here are not just politic
Jan 11, 2002

We're Overdrawn at the Image Bank

The question of whether art imitates life or the reverse has long been settled: art, in the crass sense, won. Most of us have seen far more images of reality than we have actual landscapes, personali
Jan 5, 2002

War and Writing

I dream of writing on Stockwell Day or globalization once again. I don't even think this is a war, yet I repeatedly call it that. Maybe I hear quotes around it in my mind, but forget to insert them.
Dec 21, 2001

From Democracy's Floor

Our version of democracy tends to be top-heavy at the best of times, leaving leaders, generals, experts and the rich to run things unencumbered, except for occasional elections. It's a situation in w
Dec 14, 2001

Everybody Wants to Make Jihad

Who would have thought that, in the early twenty-first century, socialism and communism would not be political factors, while religious fundamentalism would? It's nice to be surprised, I guess.
Dec 7, 2001

Heather Reisman and the Taliban Kid

It's not surprising that states employ terror, given their power. Nor is the point that one kind of terror justifies the other. The point is that terror is reprehensible, wherever it's used, because
Nov 30, 2001

Britain: A Nation of Sheep and Barbarians

I know Tony Blair has his Canadian fans, some here at The Globe and Mail, but with U.S. leaders telling their allies publicly to take no prisoners, and their special forces calling in jet strikes on


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