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Nov 12, 2004

Bush has no mandate for war

Millions are shocked and angry that George Bush has won another term as U.S. president. He is rightly hated around the world as a dangerous, reactionary war-monger. In many quarters the election resu
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Jul 26, 2004


With each new period of radicalization, debates arise within socialist movements about how to move forward. One popular current claims to be the most radical. Its advocates call for small groups of s
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May 26, 2004

Spot the Tory

Paul Martin has one campaign plank in this federal election: <i>He isn't Stephen Harper.</i> Martin says he is the peace candidate, while the Tory leader is the war candidate. He says Harper is a thr
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Apr 22, 2004

Iraq's so-called contractors

On March 28 a Canadian contractor was killed in Mosul, Iraq. Two days later, four American contractors were killed in Fallujah, their corpses dragged through the streets. And according to Doug Nesbit
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Mar 23, 2004

Canada: bomber #4

The peace movement helped stop Canada from openly supporting the U.S.-led war on Iraq. A split in the Liberal Party, deepened by the spectacle of public protest, dissuaded the Prime Minister from joi
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Oct 25, 2003

Shadows of many empires

The United States is without question the world's dominant power. And that figure of overwhelming strength is leading many on the left toward approaching war and capitalism as a uniquely <i>American<
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Aug 19, 2003

Unobituary: Bob Hope

Every New Year's Eve since 1981, John Bell has joined with a group of friends for a toast: &#147;Give us Hope!&#148; That's Bob Hope, whose death last month sparked the media into tribute mode. Bell'
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Jul 1, 2003

Africa Under a Canadian Boot

In the Congo, a UN expert panel has implicated eight Canadian companies in a &#147;predatory panel of elites&#148; fertilizing conflict that has already claimed 3.3-million lives. In Tanzania, there
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Jun 28, 2003

Harry Potter Economics

Harry Potter is breaking all records this summer. But books of magic and wonder are not the only place where wizardry is at work these days. Consider the desperate measures that respected economists
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Jun 19, 2003

Pension Pyramid Collapsing?

A sliding stock market has dragged public and private pension plans into massive losses over the last three years. There is now a $225-<i>billion</i> funding shortfall in pension funds across the cou
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Dec 11, 2002

Health Care, Not Warfare

&#147;We could find some money &#151; probably not as much as [he] is recommending,&#148; warned the Prime Minister on the release of Roy Romanow's medicare report. Then there's Abe Bloom: &#147;My m


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