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Apr 9, 2003

From the Mouths of Stakeholders

Haven Anderson
The education system has a lot to learn  from its students. You just have to listen. “Not surprisingly, adults resist being told what they can do and how they must do it. It’s astonishing
Mar 31, 2003

From a Hospital in Baghdad

April Hurley
In Baghdad, at Al Kindi Hospital Emergency, Fatima Abdullah is screaming in outrage: “Why do you do this to us??!” Nada Adnan, thirteen, tells me: “I wish that God would take Bush. Why
Mar 20, 2003

Auto-Response: War

Judy MacDonald
<b>From:</b> Judy MacDonald<br><b>Date:</b> Mon, 17 Mar 2003 14:12:25 -0500<br><b>To:</b>,<br><b>Subject:</b> rogue state<br>
Mar 19, 2003

Mixed Feelings

Lisa Ndejuru
Dispatch from Iraq: There are beautiful children here. There is one, Hassan, who has his portable business just in front of the hotel. He shines shoes. He&#146;s very good at it. I can&#146;t stand t
Mar 13, 2003

Why I Am Here

Lisa Ndejuru
&#147;When I left Montreal all I knew was that I could never again watch another war on TV.&#148; On 26 January, 2002, Lisa Ndejuru left Montreal for Iraq. She was going to join the Iraq Peace Team,
Mar 12, 2003

The Women of Iraq

Mina Sahib
Mina Sahib is a Canadian university student of Iraqi decent who is busy with her school work and &#147;trying to keep up with all the war rhetoric on the news.&#148; She delivered this speech on Marc
Feb 27, 2003

Learning Winter

Verena Stefan
Do you like winter in Quebec? is one of the standard questions for newcomers. When I came from Munich to Montreal in February 1998, I replied cheerfully, buoyed by an enormous wave of new love: I cer
Feb 17, 2003

Voices for Peace

Erin George
Toronto&#146;s peace march on February 15 saw many people out on their firstdemonstration, as well as long-time activists. <i>rabble</i> captured some of those80,000 voices for peace that braved the
Feb 12, 2003

Muslim Words

Irshad Manji
Taslima Nasrin is an internationally known feminist writer from Bangladesh. Living in exile since 1994, she has become one of the Muslim world&#146;s most vociferous dissidents. Her ammunition is lan
Dec 2, 2002

Dear Israel, I Object

Yigal Bronner
&#147;Why does a man of my age &#151; married with two children &#151; &#145;need all this?&#146; Why is it &#145;worth my while&#146; to refuse to serve in the Occupied Territories?&#148; A refusn
Dec 7, 2001

A Korean in Canada

Finn Harvor
Before I came to Canada to study, I worked in a hotel. So I understand how foreigners feel. They want people to smile. So I smile. But at first it was difficult. Because in Korea if a woman smiles, i
Oct 12, 2001

Lunch in Yorkville

Finn Harvor
Some of the restaurant staff objected to the presence of our protest, but could do little aside from issuing threats. This was a place where rich folks felt "safe" from the rabble that they kept out

What Obama's win means

Keith Gottschalk
In a land awash in pain, fear and cynicism, last night an upstart first term Senator from Illinois showed an Americastill weary from eight years of George W. Bush that dreams still do come true.

Next year, be a man

Roz Allen
When does the Halloween switch get thrown for little girls? When does it becometime to put away the demure Dora the Explorer and instead opt for the overtOfficer Pat U Down?

President Obama: Change the world can believe in?

Sunera Thobani
There will no doubt be much celebration in the U.S. and around the world for an Obama victory on November 4. But if this victory is to be meaningful, Obama will need to mobilize the American populat

It&#226;e(TM)s time for an electoral reform uprising

Larry Gordon
Another federal election. Another train wreck for democracy. We have seen it all before. The only question is whether we learned anything new this time. As Albert Einstein said, &#226;eoeInsanity is

Why we blockaded Highway 117

Norman Matchewan
The Barri&#195;&#168;re Lake Algonquins' decision to peacefully blockade Highway 117 was not easily made. We have always preferred co-operation to confrontation. We do not wish to disrupt the lives o

ABC strategic voting lets Liberals off the hook

Doug Nesbitt
As much as I want Harper to be ousted, I cannot bring myself to supporting ABC strategic voting. This is because ABC means, for most people, voting Liberal to keep out the Tories. I don&#226;e(TM)t k


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