alberta oil sands

Feb 13, 2018
Syncrude's Mildred Lake site, plant and tailings ponds Fort McMurray, Alberta. Photo: Wikipedia

NAFTA's mandatory energy exporting rule must go

Gordon Laxer
Big oil corporations can make any decisions they want regarding the amounts and kinds of oil exported from Canada for profit reasons, but Canada's governments are hamstrung from making such decisions.
Oct 25, 2012

'No Pipelines! No Tankers!' visit to Kamloops

Maude Barlow
Wednesday started off with an early Kamloops CBC radio interview from my hotel room in Fort McMurray (where winter has socked in) and a long day of travel.
Nov 14, 2011

The Keystone pipeline and 'oil disease'

Brian Topp
It is a little odd, this business of a Canadian neo-con minister, at the heart of the Harper government, threatening the United States with a closer economic relationship with Communist China.
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