Egypt uprising

Feb 16, 2011

Toronto celebrates Egypt's victory

After 18 days of a popular uprising led to the overthrow of Egypt's dictator Hosni Mubarak, Toronto's Egyptian community and Torontonians of all backgrounds came out to celebrate.
Feb 15, 2011

Not Rex: Egypt unchained!

Humberto DaSilva reports on Hosni Mubarak's resignation and the people's revolution in Egypt.
Feb 14, 2011

My lifetime of waiting for this Egyptian moment

Sarah Ghabrial
I hope this feeling of joy and relief at events in Egypt really is contagious, and drifts like a wind across Tunisia's and Egypt's borders to likewise lift up our neighbours.
Feb 10, 2011

Revolution reveals Egypt's humanity

Murray Dobbin
In watching the live streaming coverage of the Egyptian revolution on Al Jazeera I am awe-struck by the incredible humanity of what is unfolding in that country.
Feb 9, 2011

Egypt's youth driving the revolution

Tahrir, which means "liberation" in Arabic, is the heart and soul of the pro-democracy movement in Egypt, but it is not the only place where spirited, defiant people gather.
Feb 9, 2011

Al Jazeera, social media and Egypt's uprising

Hebba Fahmy and Anita Krajnc
Al Jazeera, Twitter, Facebook and others have more than proven to skeptics in the West their own worth during Egypt's uprising, and provided many ways to get democratic voices heard.
Feb 3, 2011

Not Rex: Egypt rising

This week on Not Rex, Humberto DaSilva reports on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's use of hired thugs to attack protesters and journalists.


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