Mar 26, 2015

Judy Rebick on gender politics

The Swan Song
Former CBC host and founder of rabble.ca speaks with David Swanson about feminism in the age of Occupy, the evolution of gender rights and the importance of International Women's Day.
Mar 25, 2015
Photo: Anne Thériault

Moms: Still pretty much the worst

Anne Theriault
Why are we still having the conversation examining the merits and morality of mothers (and not fathers) choosing to work outside the home in 2015?
Mar 24, 2015

Women making their bold mark in word and music

The F Word
In honour of this month's International Women's Day, She: Women in Word and Music show and dance party features an awesome line-up of women making their bold mark in word and music!
Mar 19, 2015

Radical Brownies of East Oakland

The Radical Brownies are a troop of 8- to 12-year-old girls in the Bay Area who earn badges for units like radical beauty and environmental justice. Anayvette Martinez is one of the founders.
Mar 9, 2015

Incite and Colour of Violence

The F Word
Pragya Esh interviews Rachel Caidor, organizer with Incite: Women & Trans* People of Color Against Violence and Color of Violence 4.
Feb 26, 2015

Women in mariachi music

Traditional mariachi musicians wear black suits with silver buttons down the pant legs and they're all men. But women have been involved in mariachi music for decades.
Feb 23, 2015

Feminism and the Media in 2014

The F Word
From Ghomeshi to Gamergate, a panel conversation about Feminism and the Media in 2014, recorded live at BARtalk as part of the University of British Columbia's Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


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