funding cut

Mar 31, 2011

Tories micro-managing immigration system

The Tories have been tinkering with the immigration system since they got into power. Lawyer Zool Suleman says they are mainly concerned with getting the economic outcomes they want.
Jan 4, 2010

Harper's arrogance reflects our weakness

Murray Dobbin
Whenever Harper senses that the opposition -- whether political or civil -- is weak, divided and disorganized he moves with characteristic ruthlessness against democratic institutions and governance.
Mar 23, 2009

Canadian Arab Federation loses federal funding

Uzma Shakir
The Canadian Arab Federation's settlement programs are at risk because the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, has decided that CAF is not a suitable organization to receive government funding.
Sep 19, 2008

Culture in Danger (Culture en Péril, with subtitles)

<span>This video was created by a few Québec artists to denounce the cuts in cultural funding by the Conservative governement.</span>
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