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Apr 4, 2016
Veganism, Nuance and Climate Activism

Veganism, nuance and climate activism

Green Majority Radio
In the last few years, there has been a surge in folks calling themselves "climate vegans." This has led to as much "bad blood" between the vegans and climate activists as not. We discuss.
Apr 30, 2013
Photo: curtis morrison/Flickr

Elizabeth May: Why I voted against the NDP climate motion

Elizabeth May
Goodness knows, I wish the NDP had put forward a motion I could have voted for. We need a good debate on climate and we need a strong call for government action. But, I couldn't vote for that motion.
Nov 30, 2011
Photo: Ron Foreman/Flickr

Hill Dispatches: Peter Kent and the Greenhouse Effect

Karl Nerenberg
Canada's Kyoto-hating environment minister Peter Kent concluded 27 years ago as a CBC journalist that the greenhouse effect "must be considered the world’s greatest environmental concern."
Jul 11, 2011

Is B.C. about to drop a new carbon bomb?

Marc Lee
Any day now the B.C. government should be releasing the latest greenhouse gas data for the province, and we will see if any progress is being made towards a legislated reduction in emissions by 2020.
Dec 10, 2010

Canadian Youth Delegation daily podcast from COP16-#10

Youth Delegation to the UN Conference on Climate Change
The issues regarding the form of a future international climate change agreement that have received so much focus here in Cancun, were beautifully contrasted today by Canadians at the conference.
Dec 3, 2010

Canadian Youth Delegation daily podcast from COP16-#5

Youth Delegation to the UN Conference on Climate Change
Welcome to our fifth podcast, coming to you from Klimaforum, where hundreds of youth have gathered to celebrate Young and Future Generations day.
Apr 30, 2010

Weekly Mulch: Oil rig sinks, as does Senate climate bill

Sarah Laskow
Two disasters flared up this week, one environmental, the other political. Off the coast of Louisiana, oil from a sunken rig is leaking as much as five times faster than scientists originally judged.
Oct 12, 2009

Reviewing energy policy in Nova Scotia

The first test of an energy policy for the new age is not "alternative energy" at all -- but rather conservation first, then energy efficiency and decentralization of the power structure.
Sep 8, 2009

Tar sands: Downplaying a mistake

Emily Hunter
Today I hit Calgary in my journey to the tar sands, the oil headquarters of Alberta. All the oil giants rest in this part of Albertan land -- Esso, Shell, Petro Canada.
Jul 10, 2009

Weekly Mulch: The pros and cons of the climate bill

TMC MediaWire Blogger
by Raquel Brown
The American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), also known as the Waxman-Markey bill, narrowly passed in the U.S. House of Representatives at the end of June.

Clean Air Commute Week

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