Middle East

Jan 12, 2012

Opposition forces in Egypt

Despite the departure of Hosni Mubarak 11 months ago, the regime he ruled is still for the most part in place. Yet labour and social forces are still active in opposing the government.
Nov 25, 2011

Living with a nuclear Iran

Gerry Caplan
It is deeply regrettable that Iran may one day join the not-so-exclusive club of nations that possess nuclear weapons. But I don't see how the world convinces Iran it's not entitled to such weapons.
Oct 15, 2011

Seven Deadly Myths: Denying the Palestinian narrative

Migrant Matters
A new film on the collective denial which has led to emotional and physical walls between the Isrealis and Palestinians. The bloodshed and psychological abuse bred from the conflict on Canada's hands
Oct 4, 2011

The ethics of the ethical oil cabal

Simon Enoch
With the recent demonstrations in Ottawa against the Alberta tar sands and the XL oil pipeline, most of the mainstream media very quickly bought into the oil lobby's talking points.
Apr 28, 2011

Changing image of Arabs

The uprisings in the Middle East have shaken some of the prejudices against Arabs and led Westerners to see people in the Muslim countries of the Middle East as simply people struggling for justice.
Apr 7, 2011

Air strikes on Libya not protecting civilians

Asli Bali tells Redeye that the decision to bomb Libya was a mistake that has failed in its purported goal of preventing deaths of anti-Gaddafi forces on the ground.
Apr 6, 2011

The Global Room for Women

A unique project links women in real-time telephone conversations with women activists from all over the world talking about their work and their lives.
Mar 25, 2011

Daraa's events prove Bashar al-Assad wrong

Maher Arar
After the fall of Mubarak, Arab citizens elsewhere rightly thought that their leaders would understand the inevitability of the situation: that the resolve of the people was too strong to overcome.
Mar 21, 2011

No end of Western hypocrisy in Libya

Murray Dobbin
Anyone who trusts the "West" to do anything good with its military is suffering from a special kind of delusion and the efforts by NATO and a few Arab states is no different.


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