Oct 14, 2011
McGill alumna Judy Rebick with picketing MUNACA workers. She told them that they are part of a bigger global movement also fighting for the same rights. Photo: Brianne Selman

MUNACA Occupying Montreal For McGill Homecoming

The union representing 1,700 striking McGill support staff will be present in different locations in Montreal this weekend echoing the same message being voiced by the Occupy Wall Street movement.
Feb 3, 2011

Mohamed Harkat barred from attending dinner in his honour

People's Commission Network
Montreal conference Whose Security? Our Security! wanted Harkat, who is under severe bail restrictions connected with security charges he is not allowed to see, to be allowed to participate.
Jan 21, 2011

Quebec right attacks MNA Amir Khadir

Ted Sprague
Khadir and Quebec solidaire represent an alternative that Quebeckers have been looking for -- and are responding to. His support for BDS actions is now being pounced on by his enemies.
Jan 10, 2011
A Dec. 4, 2010 solidarity demonstration for journalists and staff at Le Journal de Montreal. Photo: Ted Sprague

Le Journal de Montreal lockout two years on

Ted Sprague
Over two hundred Journal journalists and staff were served with a lockout notice by Quebecor in January 2009. Loopholes in anti-scab legislation have been used to keep them out.


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