Jan 24, 2012

Attack on Naheed Nenshi typical of Sun Media

A recent column by right-wing columnist Ezra Levant accused Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi of being an anti-Christian bigot. David Climenhaga says this kind of journalism is typical of Sun Media Corp.
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Apr 27, 2011

Criticize Harper, get fired from the Ottawa Sun

Marjorie Robertson
Sun Newspapers have recently fired their regular Friday columnist, Michael Harris. Given that undermining of Canadian democracy is a central concern in the 2011 federal election, it is worrying.
Jan 10, 2011
A Dec. 4, 2010 solidarity demonstration for journalists and staff at Le Journal de Montreal. Photo: Ted Sprague

Le Journal de Montreal lockout two years on

Ted Sprague
Over two hundred Journal journalists and staff were served with a lockout notice by Quebecor in January 2009. Loopholes in anti-scab legislation have been used to keep them out.


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