Jun 9, 2011

Not Rex: Dope wars

The Global Commission on Drug Policy has just weighed in. The War on Drugs is an abysmal failure. They even get it in the U.S. So why is Canada going on a bad trip?
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SlutWalk addresses the problem of victim blaming in cases of sexual assault
Mar 23, 2011

G20 a pivotal moment in Canadian history

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association tells Redeye that they believe police abuses during the G20 summit were sufficiently serious that there should be a full public inquiry.
Mar 21, 2011
Bridget Tolley, right, with a poster of her mother, Gladys Tolley, who was struck and killed by a police car in Quebec in 2001. Photo: Bridget Tolley

Bridget Tolley's search for justice for her mother

Alex Hundert
Algonquin elder Gladys Tolley was killed by a police car driving through the Kitigan Zibi reserve in Quebec in 2001. Her daughter began a fight for answers that is being ignored by authorities.
Feb 22, 2011

Weekly Audit: A recall fight brewing in Wisconsin?

Lindsay Beyerstein
Tens of thousands of people continue their peaceful occupation of the Wisconsin state capital to protest a bill that would abolish most collective bargaining rights for public employees...
Feb 7, 2011

NFL football: American socialism in action

Gerry Caplan
Let me make this perfectly clear. I will waste this Sunday evening watching the game and annoying the rest of my family only because it's American socialism in action.
Jan 27, 2011
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#118 - Bad cop/bad cop

rabble radio
In this episode: Transit police in Vancouver accused of violence, a new report recommends protection for women and girls in Haiti, and Canada chases out war resisters. Music this episode: Bad Cop.
Nov 29, 2010

Wake up: Arbitrary rule is all around us

James Laxer
Brutal cops and leaders who enrich their own class of people at the expense of everyone else are the consequence of the shocking inequality of our age.
Nov 8, 2010

Beware the national security state

As conditions worsen, as wages and living standards fall, as insecurity increases, as the social safety net frays, objection and dissent increases. The government spends money and builds its response.
Oct 1, 2010

The Ecuadorian policeman cometh

Gerard Coffey in Quito
Thursday’s attempted insurrection by the police in Ecuador is over, but the results are far from certain.
Sep 20, 2010

Police state watch?

Murray Dobbin
Police states don't pop up full blown over night. They develop slowly in direct proportion to people's willingness to accept new definitions of normal.


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