Mar 17, 2009

Double standard

Trish Hennessy
CEOs, financial wizards and their ilk apparently need annual million dollar bonuses as their work incentive.
Book Review
Mar 8, 2009

Silenced stories

Philippa Mennell
I Live Here is a rich collection of personal stories gathered from four distinct areas of the world in which the conditions faced by women and children are particularly devastating.
Mar 4, 2009

Changing world view!

Uzma Shakir
How the world changes when you leave the borders of North America! Watching Obama from Canada and then from Pakistan is quite surreal!
Feb 17, 2009

Who pays the bill?

Trish Hennessy
Somehow, we came to believe that Canada could enjoy the same high standard of living –- with public services the envy of many nations –- without having to pay full price for them.
Feb 10, 2009

2009 Poverty Olympics

Organizers of last Sunday's event are determined to embarrass governments into funding housing and raising welfare rates.


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