$15 minimum wage

Apr 6, 2016
Photo: Canada 2020/flickr

Ontario's $15 minimum wage campaign just got a boost

Trish Hennessy
With a steadfast, well-organized grassroots campaign pushing for a $15 minimum wage in Ontario now (not in 24 years), there is clearly political space to be taken up. Enter Andrea Horwath.
Aug 25, 2015

Fact-checking Adam Vaughan and $15-per-day child care

Nora Loreto
Adam Vaughan says that only eight per cent of families in the riding of Spadina-Fort York have children, so the NDP's plan for $15/day daycare doesn't resonate with the riding's residents. Not quite.

Fight for $15 Action

Apr 1, 2016
Commercial-Broadway Skytrain Station Vancouver , BC
49° 16' 57.8244" N, 123° 7' 14.6568" W
British Columbia CA
Early-morning action hosted by BCFED for $15 minimum wage in B.C.

Fight for $15 Minimum Wage

Dec 20, 2015
Forest Lawn Library
4807 - 8 Avenue
Calgary , AB
51° 2' 41.7228" N, 113° 57' 53.9748" W
Alberta CA
Join a grassroots planning meeting to fight for $15 minimum wage.
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