Rick Salutin July 14
Rick Salutin
Coming to terms with a personal odyssey to understand a murky family history that's clouded by cinematic imagery and time.
Amy Goodman July 13
As "Russiagate" becomes a full-blown conflagration threatening to consume Donald Trump's presidency, his denial of human-induced global warming continues to threaten a planet already on fire.
Rick Salutin July 7
Rick Salutin
Although literature found its way into Bob Dylan's songs, and gave him "a way of looking at life, an understanding of human nature, and a standard to measure things by," it doesn't make him an author.
Murray Dobbin July 7
The ability of governments to favour Canadian suppliers of goods and services was protected in NAFTA and all of the many bilateral agreements signed by Canada under Stephen Harper. Until CETA.
Amy Goodman July 6
If Kris Kobach and his Republican allies get their hands on the data and succeed in suppressing the vote, then Trump may well be on his way to a landslide victory in 2020.
Linda McQuaig July 6
In any thoughtful assessment, the establishment of an income tax would be regarded as a nation-building event -- ultimately as important as what was achieved at Vimy or in Charlottetown.
Duncan Cameron July 4
Duncan Cameron
B.C. premier-designate John Horgan has agreed to talks with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once the NDP government is sworn in. Can the NDP bring a substantial agenda to Ottawa?
David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update July 4
David Christopher
Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains recently ordered a new shift in policy direction, which could mean more competitive telecommunications pricing in Canada.
Rick Salutin June 30
Rick Salutin
The symbols that would have the right to hang out proudly with other national symbols are all in decline. "O Canada" and the Maple Leaf are down, the Mounties and beaver, way down.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 29
We need to open the airwaves to include a diversity of voices, including those who are advocating for single-payer health care.
Safia J. Lakhani, Pro Bono June 29
Safia J. Lakhani
The Rental Fairness Act makes some key amendments to the rental law in Ontario. Here's what they mean for affordable housing in the province.
June Chua June 28
Artist and writer Vivek Shraya is partnering with Arsenal Pulp Press to offer a deep mentorship and publication to a writer of Indigenous background or a person of colour who is living in Canada.
Duncan Cameron June 27
Duncan Cameron
Memo to NDP leadership candidates: please articulate what comes after austerity.
Rick Salutin June 23
Rick Salutin
This goes well beyond a slip; it's a conceit with a useful history in disparaging Indigenous claims.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 22
As Trumpcare versus Obamacare dominates the cable news, the unreported movement for single-payer health care grows. As with all great shifts in history, when the people lead, the leaders follow.
Lois Ross June 20
In mid-May the federal government began to release the long-awaited results of the 2016 Agriculture Census. While lots of the detail has yet to be revealed, there is enough to see the big picture.
Duncan Cameron June 20
Duncan Cameron
With Parliament looking to summer recess, it is a good time to reflect on what went wrong, and what to like.
Rick Salutin June 16
Rick Salutin
Socialism is no longer a dirty word and left-wing parties have valuable lessons to learn from authentic candidates who were able to attract the youth vote.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 15
Nothing says "Happy Birthday, President" quite like a congressional lawsuit.
Duncan Cameron June 13
Duncan Cameron
Reading the Trudeau government's new foreign policy announcements, it is difficult to see what the Liberals have to offer the world.
Rick Salutin June 9
Rick Salutin
The revival of "1837" revealed that our show is (relatively gently) charged with overlooking truer victims: the First Nations.
Murray Dobbin June 9
With its giant boost to military spending, the Trudeau government is gearing up for more Western adventurism, using NATO to prop up a failing finance capitalism by military threats.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 8
The FBI has become the darling of Trump's opponents. But this powerful, secretive federal police force has a long, dark and often violent history of suppressing dissent in the U.S.
Linda McQuaig June 8
In an age when control over energy shapes global politics and the fate of the world, why wouldn't Canadians be happy to leave our energy in the hands of Trump's Washington and Big Oil?
Duncan Cameron June 6
Duncan Cameron
In the 150th year of Confederation, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard wants to talk about how Canada governs itself. Justin Trudeau put him off, saying he did not want to open the Constitution.
Rick Salutin June 2
Rick Salutin
Corbyn boldly, even recklessly, doubled down, blaming the bombing partly on the aggressive, militaristic foreign policy of previous leaders, including Labour's own Tony Blair. Why did it work?
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 1
With a death toll over four times as high as Manchester, with hundreds injured, Kabul gets mentioned only in brief reports, the dead and injured listed as numbers rather than names.
David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update June 1
David Christopher
There are a number of concerns that come along with a renegotiation of NAFTA. Canadians enjoy stronger digital rights protections than their U.S. counterparts -- policies that could be placed at risk.
June Chua May 31
The film "Forget Winnetou!" uses the novels of Karl May, who published his first book about a character named Winnetou in 1870, to explore the German idealization of Indigenous peoples.
Duncan Cameron May 30
Duncan Cameron
The Liberals are delighted to attack new CPC leader Andrew Scheer for his social conservative views. His first challenge will be to show he is up to the standard set by Rona Ambrose as interim leader.