Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan April 13
As the world focuses on state violence from Syria to Iraq to Yemen to North Korea, the groundwork is being laid in the United States for unchecked state violence at home.
Linda McQuaig April 13
While the Trudeau team is very worked up about chemical weapons, they seem strangely unconcerned about nuclear ones, snubbing important new UN negotiations aimed at nuclear disarmament.
Murray Dobbin April 13
Chrystia Freeland's well-documented hostility towards Russia raises questions about her suitability for the foreign affairs post. Are we risking a Freeland blunder in a situation that requires nuance?
Joyce Arthur April 13
Joyce Arthur
A video that compares abortion to the Holocaust was shown in March at a Catholic high school in Red Deer, Alberta. Yes, that's right -- women who have abortions are equivalent to genocidal Nazis.
Duncan Cameron April 11
Duncan Cameron
As a rule, not long after taking office, U.S. presidents authorize overseas bombing. Donald Trump has just attacked Syria and his "global leadership" has met with approval from NATO states.
Rick Salutin April 7
Rick Salutin
The fog of war obscures the truth from Vimy to Mosul and Allepo.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan April 6
50 years later, as Trump radically increases the Pentagon budget and guts social programs and the State Department, King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech remains chillingly relevant.
Duncan Cameron April 4
Duncan Cameron
Meaningful changes to parliament are unlikely so long as a party with the support of only 40 percent of voters can form a majority government, and carry on without seeking support across party lines.
Meghan Sali, Digital Freedom Update April 3
Meghan Sali
Why did the TPP prove to be so unpopular among the Canadian public? And what needs to be done to restore public trust in future trade processes?
Rick Salutin March 31
Rick Salutin
The question isn't the tedious: When was someone radicalized? It is: how did this mayhem become so normal over so much time?
Matthew Behrens March 31
The wording and delivery of the Trudeau government's March apology for its role in the torture of Canadian citizens are clear indications that Ottawa is not willing to make much-needed changes.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 30
Donald Trump, in the midst of accusations that his own privacy was invaded by illegal wiretaps, is signing into law permission to invade, trade and monetize the most private detail of every American.
Shelina Ali, Pro Bono March 30
The treatment of sexual assault complainants in the justice system has received a great deal of mainstream media attention. Why has the system failed victims?
Murray Dobbin March 30
Research shows that the effects of neoliberalism on Canadian workers are devastating. Who will fight back against worsening conditions and speak up for those most vulnerable?
Duncan Cameron March 28
Duncan Cameron
By 2015, for most Canadians, the Harper government had run out its time. Voters decided to replace it with the Trudeau Liberals. How is that working out?
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 24
Neil Gorsuch's vote against a worker who was fighting for his life should weigh heavily on U.S. senators as they consider his lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land.
Rick Salutin March 24
Rick Salutin
This budget rocked, in one sense: it did a 180 on the stifling monomania of the last 30 years -- the obsession with deficits.
June Chua March 22
Playwright George Chiang's new book tells the story of Chen Sing, a teenage boy who ventures to Canada's West to build the transcontinental railway through the Rockies.
Lois Ross March 21
In the lead-up to this week's federal budget, the Centre for Policy Alternatives has published an important document chronicling what has been happening to land in one Prairie province.
Duncan Cameron March 21
Duncan Cameron
The current federal budget process is a textbook example of the propaganda model. On budget day, a nonsense detector comes in handy. Here is Duncan Cameron's.
Rick Salutin March 17
Rick Salutin
A new model for funding journalism could hardly be odder than the match between journalism with its solemn civic duties on one hand and profit-driven ads on the other.
Linda McQuaig March 16
Whenever Americans start tinkering with their deeply dysfunctional health-care system, we feel the reverberations up here, as right-wing commentators seek to denigrate our system of health care.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 16
U.S. President Trump should fully fund food shipments -- not arms shipments -- and spearhead much-needed diplomacy to avoid the immense catastrophe of 20 million horrific deaths by starvation.
Murray Dobbin March 16
The Liberal government of Christy Clark is not so much a government as it is an anti-government: contemptuous of both the public good and of the citizens it is supposed to be governing for.
Wayne MacPhail March 15
Wayne MacPhail
How gadget paranoid do we need to be given last week's Wikileaks dump about how the CIA is spying on us via our smartphones and TV sets?
Duncan Cameron March 14
Duncan Cameron
France awaits the results of judicial enquiries launched against the Republican candidate and the Front National candidate, not just the first round of voting for a new president.
Rick Salutin March 10
Rick Salutin
In hard times populism, which basically embodies the comprehensible anger of the majority, stands ready, but requires an outlet.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 9
Donald Trump is doing damage, daily, to pillars of progressive achievement. But the resistance is growing, offering hope in a time of darkness.
Duncan Cameron March 7
Duncan Cameron
Democratic socialist economist Kenneth Arrow passed away recently. His ideas could set the path for a popular alternative that doesn't include Donald Trump.
Rick Salutin March 3
Rick Salutin
Motion M-103, the mild declaration (nothing more, no legal force at all) of concern for the rights and especially safety of Muslims in Canada, is the PC controversy writ small.