June Chua December 22
Norwegian film organizations and unions have banded together in an international call for help in the case of a Palestinian filmmaker, Mohamed Jabaly, who could be deported Dec. 30.
Matthew Behrens December 21
Despite the daily barrage of patriarchal terrorism in our own neighbourhoods, the self-styled feminist government of Justin Trudeau acts in a manner inconsistent with the extent of the crisis.
Lois Ross December 20
For more than 25 years, Cuba has been modelling its food production on agroecology and applying organic agriculture to a multitude of small-scale projects. It's time we took note.
Duncan Cameron December 20
Duncan Cameron
The climate of Cold War fear-mongering now prevailing in the U.S. is reminiscent of the 1960s, a decade when big issues were made intelligible by songs composed by Bob Dylan.
Murray Dobbin December 16
The economics profession has become a self-satisfied apologia for the plunder of society's wealth by the greedy and ruthless 1% -- the "masters of mankind."
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan December 15
The Electoral College meets Dec. 19, when its 538 members cast their votes. The hope of many Trump opponents is that at least 37 Republican electors will vote for someone else.
Wayne MacPhail December 14
Wayne MacPhail
A lot shifted in 2016 -- our perception of who we are, what we share, how smart we want our devices to be, and what truth and news really are. It was a little like waking up in a Black Mirror episode.
Duncan Cameron December 13
Duncan Cameron
The election of Donald Trump creates a new opportunity for Canada to distance itself from advocates of U.S.-style capitalism as the way ahead for the world.
Rick Salutin December 9
Rick Salutin
It's hard to recall the hopes Kathleen Wynne once inspired and how fresh she seemed. Let's refresh our memories.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan December 9
Grassroots organizing, nonviolent direct action and leadership from frontline Indigenous people succeeded in stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline in its tracks.
Duncan Cameron December 6
Duncan Cameron
The Trudeau cabinet has judged that Canada-wide backing for increased exports from the Alberta bitumen sands overshadows B.C. opposition to shipping dilbit via pipeline to Metro Vancouver.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan December 2
The U.S. media effectively iced out a major-party candidate who consistently held the largest rallies, even without a media megaphone, while giving blanket coverage to candidate Donald Trump.
Rick Salutin December 2
Rick Salutin
Politics is rife with failures of all kinds. Take for instance the failure of identity politics in the U.S. or the failure of political rights under Fidel Castro.
Naomi Klein December 1
Naomi Klein
If Trump does what he says and rolls back the (insufficient) climate progress won under Obama, it will mean the end of the world for island nations like Kiribati.
David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update December 1
David Christopher
With Donald Trump's ascension to power imminent, Canada cannot afford to continue allowing government agencies to routinely hand over our private information to the U.S. government.
Wayne MacPhail November 30
Wayne MacPhail
Once again it's time to buy gifts for the gadget nerd in your life. Whether it's dongles, headphones or micro controllers, Wayne MacPhail delivers sage advice this holiday season.
Duncan Cameron November 29
Duncan Cameron
"Pay to play": that is what businesses looking for contracts or friendly legislation are told by insiders paid to know how to make things happen in Canada.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan November 25
Occupied by the Kingdom of Morocco since 1975, Western Sahara is commonly referred to as Africa's last colony. The Sahrawis are in a protracted struggle for independence.
Rick Salutin November 25
Rick Salutin
The true danger of Trump isn't the man himself -- it's capable, malign people insinuating themselves under his umbrella and pursuing their own ambitions.
Murray Dobbin November 25
When it comes to trade and investment deals, the facts mean nothing. The federal government makes its own "reality" by crafting "facts" to fit its policy objectives.
Linda McQuaig November 24
The soft, itchy underbelly of American racism has been given a good scratching by Donald Trump. Whatever damage he is likely to do around the globe, at home he is going to inflame existing tensions.
Pro Bono, Safia J. Lakhani November 24
Safia J. Lakhani
An application for an injunction preventing the dissemination of the team name of the "Cleveland Indians" has drawn renewed attention to the issue of racial stereotyping in sports.
Ole Hendrickson November 24
Ole Hendrickson
Even as president-elect Donald Trump appoints his climate change-denying senior advisers, scientists report that runaway climate change is already happening.
Wayne MacPhail November 23
Wayne MacPhail
When people of any political stripe let dogma defeat data and outrage quell common sense, there are consequences.
Matthew Behrens November 23
Under the deceptive banner of "Canada is back," the Trudeau Liberals are intent on the delivery of a Trump-like policy platform that runs roughshod over Indigenous rights.
Lois Ross November 22
Harvest season may be over in Canada, but for activist farmers the work is never done. As winter approaches, food activists are advocating for long-term policy changes that are increasingly urgent.
Duncan Cameron November 22
Duncan Cameron
For Dr. Martin Luther King, the first step in preparing nonviolent resistance was "collection of the facts." This is what the U.S. Democratic Party needs to be doing in response to Donald Trump.
Rick Salutin November 18
Rick Salutin
Since we're supposed to already have democracy, it always comes as a surprise to realize we aren't there yet.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan November 17
Nowhere is the immediate and potentially devastating impact of Donald Trump's capture of the presidency felt more clearly than at the United Nations climate change summit here in Marrakech.
Duncan Cameron November 15
Duncan Cameron
How is the Canadian public interest served by bringing in private financiers to make money operating and owning what rightfully belongs to Canadian citizens?