Duncan Cameron March 7
Duncan Cameron
Democratic socialist economist Kenneth Arrow passed away recently. His ideas could set the path for a popular alternative that doesn't include Donald Trump.
Rick Salutin March 3
Rick Salutin
Motion M-103, the mild declaration (nothing more, no legal force at all) of concern for the rights and especially safety of Muslims in Canada, is the PC controversy writ small.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 2
Ola Ojewumi has words of inspiration for those in the grassroots working to oppose Donald Trump's politics of division.
Murray Dobbin March 2
When it comes to Canada's policy towards Israel, the Trudeau government is several country miles from reflecting Canadian values. That is the clear conclusion of a recent EKOS poll.
Wayne MacPhail March 1
Wayne MacPhail
Mark Zuckerberg says it's time for Facebook to eschew the current zeitgeist of nationalism, and become a tool for uniting global communities. Say what?
David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update March 1
David Christopher
What's happening to our data on its journey around the Internet has deeply concerning privacy implications for all of us. Now a new educational platform is raising awareness of these issues.
Duncan Cameron February 28
Duncan Cameron
As the curtain goes up for the 2017 NDP leadership contest, the party needs to bring a distinct approach to what matters to Canadians.
Julie Devaney February 27
Julie Devaney
It's easy to laugh off the absurdity of Trump and his supporters' sentiments about the Canadian health-care system. But their ridiculousness doesn't make their impact any less dangerous.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan February 25
Anne Frank would be 87 years old had she not perished in a Nazi concentration camp. What words of wisdom might she offer the Trump administration as it crafts its latest iteration of its travel ban?
Rick Salutin February 24
Rick Salutin
Like all great labour leaders, Bob White felt it wasn't just about getting more stuff for his members; it was about addressing the social roots of inequality and ugliness.
Matthew Behrens February 24
The Trudeau government suffers from an acute case of cognitive dissonance, either failing to see (or cynically not caring about) the yawning gap between its lofty rhetoric and its actual policies.
Claudia Pedrero, Pro Bono February 23
Ontario municipalities have newly expanded powers to implement "inclusionary zoning." What will these changes mean for new affordable housing in the province?
Lois Ross February 21
There are many layers to farming, but there are plenty of farmers who know what is required. And they have been trying to get the message across for a long time. Will the federal government get it?
Duncan Cameron February 21
Duncan Cameron
Team Trudeau have decided they have less to fear from the NDP profiting from the Liberal shift to the right, than from disgruntled Ontario Tories getting out in big numbers to vote against them.
Murray Dobbin February 17
Pro-Israeli government policy is built on a foundation of untested assumptions about Canadian attitudes. A new EKOS poll reveals this to be convenient but quite false.
Retiree Matters, Doug Macpherson February 17
Doug Macpherson
While changes to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) recently adopted by the current federal Liberal government offer some improvement, they do not go far enough.
Rick Salutin February 17
Rick Salutin
Smartness has subtly insinuated itself everywhere -- except, apparently, among voters. Smart won't ever replace fair; that's just stupid.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan February 16
The engine driving both the ouster of Andrew Puzder and Michael Flynn are movements of thousands upon thousands of people across the U.S., saying "no" to hate, bigotry and injustice.
Linda McQuaig February 16
While Trudeau's persona of a progressive internationalist has won him kudos at home and abroad, his staunch support for Israel at the UN has left Canada significantly offside with public opinion.
Wayne MacPhail February 15
Wayne MacPhail
When most of us think of augmented reality, thanks to Google, we think of dorky glasses. But what about the other senses? What if they were augmented and all those augmentations worked in concert?
Duncan Cameron February 14
Duncan Cameron
Justin Trudeau arrived in Washington on Monday with a plan to help Trump polish his image with women, even though Canadian women are still waiting for action on public child care from our feminist PM.
Rick Salutin February 10
Rick Salutin
Dystopias are warnings, utopias are yearnings. They keep chugging ahead into the future, unlike dystopias, which are meant to forewarn but can as easily depress and demobilize.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan February 9
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., was interrupted while reading the words of Coretta Scott King on the U.S. Senate floor this week.
June Chua February 9
Toronto photographer Adam Zivo is launching a new project to counter hate and prejudice in the wake of the U.S. travel ban that targets people from seven Muslim-majority countries.
Wayne MacPhail February 8
Wayne MacPhail
The most powerful battalions battling against Trump's frightening presidency -- fuelled by the hard work of the press -- are fighting it out on social media.
Duncan Cameron February 7
Duncan Cameron
In Canadian politics a winning candidate is currently defined as one that can take on Justin Trudeau and make him look weak. Runners in three leadership races will have to measure up.
Rick Salutin February 3
Rick Salutin
In the interest of knowing your enemy, here are some thoughts on what former Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon, a.k.a. Trump's Brain, represents.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan February 2
The spirit of resistance for which Frederick Douglass is best remembered is alive and well, and is directed squarely against the Trump administration.
David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update February 1
David Christopher
A landmark ruling from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has thrown the door open for communities across Canada to take their digital future into their own hands.
Duncan Cameron January 31
Duncan Cameron
There has been no indication from Team Trudeau that it wants to add value to world politics, only that it wants to protect the status quo in relations with the U.S.