Jerry West December 4
Jerry West
Here in British Columbia, our own homegrown form of Taliban - under Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell - has been merrily slashing and tearing apart the fabric of the province on a daily basis.
Linda McQuaig December 3
It would be naive to believe the United States would give Canada a role in shaping its monetary policy, any more than Federal Reserve chair Alan Greenspan now checks with his counterparts in Ecuador,
Dalton Camp December 2
The new opium of the masses these days is not religion, as Marx put it in another day, but patriotism, which will, I suspect, have a much shorter run in America than has the Sermon on the Mount.
Parker Barss Donham December 2
Suddenly I find myself a former journalist, having, as CBC's Canada Now put it, "retired" from journalism to take a government PR job. This is known in the trade as "crossing over to the dark side",
Rick Salutin November 30
Rick Salutin
I know Tony Blair has his Canadian fans, some here at The Globe and Mail, but with U.S. leaders telling their allies publicly to take no prisoners, and their special forces calling in jet strikes on
Rachel Giese November 29
Placed in the delicate position of protecting community standards, the Ontario Film Review Board make ham-fisted judgments with little or no public input on the essential questions of what community
Dalton Camp November 28
In the Tory rendition of the wooden horse, the horse speaks. The attendees at the dinner had never heard a speech from a horse. But it was that kind of event. The wooden horse was played by Jay Hill,
Naomi Klein November 28
Naomi Klein
Bill C-35 has been quietly making its way through Parliament, downplayed as a "housekeeping" measure. On the surface, all the bill does is expand the definition of an "internationally protected perso
Thomas Walkom November 27
From February, when the Taliban first offered to extradite bin Laden in exchange for U.S. recognition, until August when negotiations stalled, the Bush administration and the government it later labe
Dalton Camp November 25
In this new world in which we live as media dependents, the greatest risk to an informed society is not so much what is withheld by nefarious government secrecy, but what goes unreported as the resul
Parker Barss Donham November 25
While the end of coal and steel is a liberating event for Cape Breton's economy, it doesn't lessen the impact felt by those left behind after the shutdown of Cape Breton's last coal mine Friday.
Rick Salutin November 23
Rick Salutin
I can hear some readers grinding their teeth and saying through them: You can't sit around having philosophical discussions while our society is being bombed and infected. You have to act - fast! But
Rachel Giese November 22
It's such a relief to know that despite a looming deficit and massive impending spending cuts, Ontario's $2.2-billion corporate tax cut will go ahead as planned.
Judy Rebick November 21
Judy Rebick
If the United States and its allies were really concerned about women's rights in Afghanistan, they would ensure that a significant number of women have a seat at the table in negotiations for a new
Naomi Klein November 21
Naomi Klein
Confronted with a country where eight million people are homeless and close to five million are HIV positive, some try to paint deepening inequality as a sad but unavoidable legacy of racial aparthei
Jerry West November 21
Jerry West
The new laws that are being proposed and passed here in Canada, Britain, the United States and other countries are a regression from the principles of freedom and democracy, of civil rights and the r
Parker Barss Donham November 21
Canadian governments no longer execute people, but aside from that, the main difference between Bush's decree and Attorney General Anne McLellan's anti-terrorism bill is one of scope: Bush's decree a
Dalton Camp November 21
The dirty little secret about America's war is that it may never end. The Russians, who also captured Kabul, failed to hold it. And many will remember Vietnam and the war during which the U.S. declar
Tom Walkom November 20
If there were a need to give the security apparatus extraordinary new powers - even for five years - Bill C-36 might be justified. But Justice Minister Anne McLellan and Prime Minister Jean ChrÃ
Roy Adams November 20
Instead of seeking a consensus on the appropriate method for dealing with alleged terrorists, Bush last week issued an executive order that unilaterally establishes a United States military court to
Linda McQuaig November 19
It seemed harsh but inevitable. After all, in such tough times, how can we expect to hold on to expensive public programs like Medicare? Surely public healthcare will just be one more thing - like ci
Michele Landsberg November 18
Like a cross between Rachel Carson and Oliver Sacks, Steingraber makes us marvel at the intricate and dazzling dance of bodily functions (invisible to us who so casually inhabit those bodies) that go
Parker Barss Donham November 18
The myth that great efficiencies can be achieved by monkeying with the number and size of bureaucratic units - whether in education, healthcare or municipal government - has cast its seductive spell
Dalton Camp November 18
Complications result when you let someone else do your fighting for you. Having underwritten the Northern Alliance, provided it with arms, advice, even uniforms, our principal ally then entered and s
Thomas Walkom November 17
The attention focused on Afghanistan - on the surprise victories of the Northern Alliance, the apparent collapse of the Taliban and Canada's still undefined role in ensuring that this war-ravaged cou
Michele Landsberg November 17
No colourful images or heart-wrenching pictures leap to the mind's eye when you hear them. It would be hard to knock on doors and solicit the money that is so urgently needed now that governments are
Lyle Stewart November 16
The war on drugs costs the U.S. and other countries billions, ruins millions of lives, helps corrupt democracies and has seriously eroded civil liberties in the U.S. even before September 11. There i
Rick Salutin November 16
Rick Salutin
It seems to me there is a subtext to this crisis of, How dare they challenge us? Just who do these people think they are? The West likes to think of itself as the engine of history.
Rachel Giese November 15
It's paradoxical in a culture so reverent of individual rights that the people who surrounded Gillian Hadley were so ready to violate hers. They listened in on her phone conversations, followed her o
Parker Barss Donham November 14
With so many reporters and editors tied up covering the aftermath of September 11, these media giants could spare no one to assemble the National Opinion Research Center's data into news stories that