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The Canadian Military's Search For 'Gravitas' in Asia   -   by Yves Engler

"And like the smaller, weaker kid in a street gang our 'leaders' are trying to prove how tough we are. Canadian military planners 'search for gravitas' is akin to gang logic. But, let's hope our behaviour in Asia doesn't lead to where gang warfare has taken many North American cities."



Canada Pauses Military Assistance To Iraqi Troops

"Canadian special forces have temporarily suspended military assistance to Iraqi troops due to tensions between the ME country and Kurdish fighters, the defense ministry said..."

In the middle of a developing shitstorm, on the side of the USraeli plan for the dismemberment of Iraq.


Man Overboard   -  by David Pugliese

"Vice Admiral Mark Norman was second-in-command of the Canadian Forces until an RCMP investigation cost him his job. A year later, no charges have been laid, but Norman remains in limbo...Only in Canada could the second-highest-ranking military officer be removed from office without a word of explanation...Military personnel wondered whether it was related to sexual misconduct. Perhaps Norman was a Russian spy, others mused..."


Canada Honoured To Chair The NATO Military Intelligence Committee in 2018


Uncle Sam's best doggy...

SSE: Evaluating Canada As A Dependable Ally and Partner for the United States

"This article provides an American analysis of Canada's recently released defence policy: Strong, Secure, Engaged (SSE)...Support to Intelligence: SSE provides a number of welcome new investments in Canada's intelligence capability and capacity that will provide direct benefit to the United States..."

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