Blog June 16
The coal-fired Kashira power plant near Moscow
David J. Climenhaga | In 2011, the Americans called cyber attacks an act of war. Now they're carrying out online attacks against Russia's power grid, according to the New York Times.
News June 14
Premier Doug Ford. Photo: Ford Nation/Facebook
Paul Barber | A deeply unpopular provincial regime can harm the prospects of its federal counterpart, a clear and present danger for Andrew Scheer.
Blog June 14
Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews holds a news conference yesterday in a hallway of the Legislature inaccessible to most members of the public (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).
David J. Climenhaga | The UCP won't risk passing legislation bad enough to become part of the federal election campaign in battleground Ontario until after the vote. Bill 9 buys time.
Blog June 14
Photo: Mike Gifford/Flickr
Mel Watkins | The Waffle, a product of the '60s, didn't last. But left nationalism, progressive nationalism, was what the world needed and needs. In that sense, the Waffle was prescient.
Blog June 14
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Catherine McKenna take part in ministerial meeting on climate change in Montréal. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Gordon Laxer | Why would a government so publicly committed to climate action throw more good money at a dodgy pipeline expansion, especially when Alberta has torn up its side of the climate understanding?
Columnists June 14
Andrew Scheer speaks with Stephen Harper at 2018 Calgary Stampede. Photo: Andrew Scheer/Flickr
Broadsides, Antonia Zerbisias | Conservative leader Andrew Scheer may be on show. But he's not the man -- or men -- orchestrating the moves of the Conservatives.
Podcast June 14
ILO at McGill. Image: Morrice Hall, McGill University, 1940. ILO photo. Used by permission.
Marc Belanger, C. Marie Ainsborough, Derek Blackadder | RadioLabour's Canada Report June 14 to 21, 2019. McGill provided a refuge for the ILO during WWII, a treaty to stop violence against women, the LabourStart Report, and more.
Podcast June 14
Amira Elghawaby. Image: Victoria Fenner
Victoria Fenner | Campus and community radio people are committed to diversity. But there is always room for improvement. Journalist and human rights advocate Amira Elghawaby spoke to them at their national conference.
Blog June 14
The interior of the Lois Hole Branch of the Edmonton Public Library (Photo: EPL).
David J. Climenhaga | There will be no changes to student page wages at this time, a statement from the Edmonton Public Library says.
Columnists June 13
Image: slowking4/Wikimedia Commons
Rick Salutin | Do not be overly deferential to definitions -- they are always in flux, always contested.
Blog June 14
John Miller | Ottawa's plans look more and more like a bailout, designed to prop up old journalistic platforms, not an investment in something that is likely to find a new audience.
Columnists June 13
Photo: WorldCloudNews/Flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | The crusade against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and whistleblower Chelsea Manning will have a "chilling effect on American journalism."