News March 21
Bill Morneau speaks at podium. Photo credit: Rosemary Frei
Rosemary Frei | John Tory's eye, like Bill Morneau's, appears to be squarely on boosting the share of the private sector in the benefits from the escalating building boom.
Columnists March 21
Photo: Kirk Hargreaves/Christchurch City Council Newsline/Wikimedia Commons
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | As New Zealand mourns, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern strives to place the focus on the 50 victims, and has promised swift action to change the nation's gun laws.
Podcast March 21
The parents of the late Rob Stewart reflect on his legacy to help us understand sharks and stop shark finning
Victoria Fenner | Bill S-238 is before Parliament to end shark finning. An interview with Brian Stewart and Sandra Campbell about their late son's films and his commitment to end the exploitation of sharks.
Blog March 21
Prime Minister Trudeau attends the budget speech delivered by Minister of Finance Bill Morneau in the House of Commons. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Pamela Palmater | The exclusion of Indigenous women and girls as a priority in this federal budget is a glaring example of the ongoing racism and sexism that is so deeply embedded in Canada's laws and policies.
Blog March 21
Photo Credit: Angela N. Riley, Extinction Rebellion Halifax used with permission
Maya Bhullar | We were inspired by students coming out on March 15 to demand that local and federal government take real steps to combat climate change. Here's what worked, what didn't and what's next.
Blog March 21
Former MP Jason Kenney, now the leader of the United Conservative Party Opposition (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).
David J. Climenhaga | For a government perceived to be campaigning from behind its principal challenger in popular support, the campaign didn't get off to a bad start for the NDP.
Book Review March 21
Sheila Giffen | Ian Williams' compelling intergenerational novel imagines the many ways -- both life-giving and destructive -- that we reproduce.
Blog March 20
Photo by Department of National Defence.
Brent Patterson | Sixteen years ago, the U.S., the U.K. and other countries launched an illegal war on Iraq. The costs of this war continue to mount.
News March 20
A Sears Canada store closing in 2017. Photo: jasonwoodhead23/flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Budget 2019 seems to say it guarantees payments to retirees even after bankrupt companies wind up their pension plans. Sounds too good to be true -- and it likely is!
Blog March 20
U.K. industrial hemp farm, 2007. Photo: Nabokov/Wikimedia Commons
Penney Kome | A reclaimed industry produces renewable food, shelter, clothing, and medicine, from one crop -- and we have hardly begun to explore the potential of the hemp plant's 25,000 marketable products.
Columnists March 20
Photo by Brent Patterson.
Brent Patterson | Extinction Rebellion is calling on the CBC, BBC and other media outlets to prioritize coverage of climate breakdown proportionate to the level of danger it poses to us all.
News March 20
Kara Manso, head of the Caregivers' Action Centre in Toronto. Photo: Marites N. Sison
Marites N. Sison | Although migrant worker groups across Canada welcomed the announcement of open work permits, they said the program still doesn't end exploitation since it denies workers landed status upon arrival.