June 27
Born into Montreal's elite, she chose a domestic path: powerful husband, several kids, a large home to tend. But something clicked in her 30s, and she sprang into public life. Carine Wilson (1885-196
June 26
In 1995, Ontario's then-Education Minister was caught on tape promising to "create a crisis" to build support for changing the system. A recent report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
June 22
Canada Post has turned an $84 million profit - in its sixth consecutive profitable year. Of that, $19 million goes to the federal government as a dividend, bringing the total payout since 1996 to $26
June 21
Support is building for more than 200 striking museum workers at the National Gallery and its allied Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography. The workers call their demands modest - and say that
June 19
The World Trade Organization (WTO) and its corporate boosters have a PR problem. Grassroots resistance is building against negotiations to expand the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). C
June 18
Relief rained on Saskatchewan on Friday as more than 12,000 striking health-care workers returned to their jobs. After a marathon bargaining session, CUPE's Health Council thanked the province's NDP
June 15
Is fresh water a product that's best traded on open markets - pollution and depletion by damned? Or is water a common resource and basic human right? An international coalition spearheaded by the Cou
June 14
Civil liberties took a beating this April during Summit of the Americas protests in Quebec. And many commentators are chasing questions about Canadians' democratic rights. But what about the Summit i
June 12
More than 12,000 Saskatchewan health care workers walked off the job Saturday morning. The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) says the employer won't budge on priority issues - workload, pens
June 11
The Canadian Auto Workers have moved a step closer to reconciling with Canada's broader labour movement. On June 4, the Canadian Labour Congress Executive Council voted to lift sanctions applied agai
June 7
On his first day in office, BC's Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell has announced sweeping personal income tax cuts averaging 25 per cent. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is calling the move
June 6
Colombia is a dangerous place for trade unionists: of 140 unionists assassinated worldwide in 1999, more than half were Colombian. The bloodshed is part of a 30-year civil war that continues to ravag
June 5
A guest invited to speak at a Council of Canadians conference this July has reportedly been abducted by Columbian paramilitaries. Activists say that Kimy Pernia Domico, renowned human rights and indi
June 4
Canada's largest public sector union implored its members on Friday to intensify struggles against Ontario's Tory government. Leaders of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) are enraged by r
June 1
Aboriginal people face harsher living conditions than other Canadians. This common wisdom is backed by thick piles of quantitative studies. By showing that Aboriginals are worse off <i>on average</i>
May 29
After 41 days behind bars, the "Germinal 5" anti-FTAA protesters were each released yesterday on $10,000 bail. This according to material posted on the Website of the Center for Media Alternatives Qu
May 24
The Canadian Labour Congress today announced a tentative resolution to a major dispute between the Canadian Auto Workers and the Service Employees International Union. The resolution should herald an
May 23
Most Provincial Conservation Officers can carry sidearms to protect themselves. National Park Wardens cannot. A February federal health and safety ruling says this places them "at risk of grievous bo
May 22
"Can you type?" For decades, women applying for jobs have heard that line. Well, Lottie Betts Tushingham could type - and she was proud of it. In the early 1900s, Ontario's clerical speedster amassed
May 18
As the US economic slowdown spills over the border, Canada should boost program spending to ease the impact. Then the Bank of Canada should follow the US Federal Reserve's lead and ease interest rate
May 17
Is our electoral system in crisis? Just ask Canadians - who voted in last year's federal election at a 75-year low rate. Cara MacDonald, in a new article, reviews our electoral system - and surveys n
May 16
The BC Teachers' Federation and the Canadian Union of Public Employees were winners at this year's Canadian Association of Labour Media Awards. The BCTF took an excellence-in-writing award for its <i
May 14
As our leaders push for global trade agreements, who's planning for their effects on post-secondary education in Canada? Council of Canadians chair Maude Barlow will discuss what's at stake, in Toron
May 11
Is education a commodity to be bought and sold? Should curriculum, learning technologies, and teacher resources be driven by market forces? From May 21-24, 2500 education traders from 70 countries wi
May 10
Maintenance workers and firefighters at the Halifax International Airport have won their first-ever collective agreement. Some of the workers had been on strike since April 12 - demanding better wage
May 9
Later today, when the next Ontario budget comes down, will citizens see more attacks on education, health care, and other public services? Will these attacks be called unavoidable - compelled by tigh
May 8
CUPE 4400 members have settled their dispute with the Toronto District School Board. More than 13,000 school support workers had been holding out since March 31 for better wages and job security. Yes
May 7
After spending more than two weeks in a Quebec prison, Jaggi Singh is finally free on $2000 bail. The activist had been held in a Quebec prison since his April 20 arrest during Americas Summit protes
May 4
Non-white Canadians earn less than white Canadians. They are ghettoized in low-paying jobs and segregated in low-cost urban housing areas. And the gap is growing. That's the finding of a new report p
April 30
Can we ever expect an economy designed to serve human need? Or must we always fall back on individual and corporate greed? From May 9-12, activists and policy analysts will convene in Toronto to expl