Canadians for Tax Fairness September 1
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Apple has more than $215 billion in profits stashed offshore. Some of that money was made in Canada.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers September 1
Though CUPW has reached a tentative and short-term collective agreement, union leadership will be back at the bargaining table next year to address many unresolved issues like pay equity and pensions.
Unifor August 30
Hotel workers are fed up with the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC and some have been working up to sixty consecutive days. Workers are set to go on strike as early as as September 1.
B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union August 30
A B.C. Supreme Court case threatens the future of public healthcare in the province and across the country. On September 6 pack the courts and defend our public healthcare system.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers August 30
Postal workers have twice agreed to postpone job action for 24 hours. As negotiations continue both Canada Post management and workers have agreed to continue negotiations until Wednesday August 31.
Socialist Worker August 26
In May, a Federal Court Justice ruled the National Security Certificate against Mahmoud Jaballah as unreasonable but now the Trudeau government is appealing that decision.
United Steelworkers August 26
Belarus, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Portugal and Spain are all being investigated for illegal dumping of rebar on the Canadian market.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers August 26
Unless an agreement is reached between Canada Post management and workers within the next 72 hours a nation-wide postal strike is set to begin.
United Food and Commercial Workers August 24
The rain couldn't damper the spirits of UFCW Canada activists who participated in this year's Capital Pride parade in Ottawa.
Canadian Union of Public Employees August 24
Essex county library workers will hold events to thank the community for their ongoing support as the strike enters its third month later this week.
Public Service Alliance of Canada August 24
After months of stalling, Minister Judy Foote finally met with union leadership to discuss the ongoing problems with the Phoenix pay system.
Council of Canadians August 22
Water protection, health care, pipeline opposition, Indigenous solidarity, prisoner rights, and more. Gord Downie is far more than a musician.
Unifor August 22
Unifor is calling upon Canada's federal TV regulator to put teeth into broadcasters' licence conditions for daily local news, including programming targeted to Canada's ethnically diverse populations.
Fair Vote Canada August 22
Fair Vote Canada
Fair Vote Canada makes the case for proportional representation to the federal government Special Committee on Electoral Reform and it's worth reading.
National Union of Public and General Employees August 19
National Union of Public and General Employees
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is phasing out the use of privately owned prisons for federal prisoners. Over the next 5 years 13 private prison contracts will be reviewed and allowed to expire.
United Food and Commercial Workers August 19
On September 5, share the celebration and the solidarity with UFCW Canada members, activists, family members, and labour allies at Labour Day marches, rallies, picnics and gatherings across the land.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers August 19
Chopra's got some explaining to do. CUPW will confront Harper's man in the post office today at Canada Post's annual public meeting.
Mining Watch August 18
Organizations in the south-central highlands of Ecuador are calling on authorities to declare high-altitude wetlands surrounding the country's third-largest city free of mining.
Toronto and York Region Labour Council August 18
Toronto and York Region Labour Council
We write statements, call for reform, yet police violence against unarmed Black men and women continues. We need action and we need it now.
Public Service Alliance of Canada August 18
An appeal court ruled against federal public service workers who assert that Bill C-10 violates federal public service workers' right to freedom of association and to collectively bargain.
National Union of Public and General Employees August 15
National Union of Public and General Employees
In Manitoba, where crisis stabilization workers are on strike, new documents show that there seems to be money for everyone but the front-line staff.
Canadian Union of Public Employees August 15
Workers received notice of layoffs, or reduced hours of work, this week at the Port Hawkesbury Nursing Home in Nova Scotia. The layoffs are the result of $6.7 million in budget cuts to long-term care.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers August 15
CUPW workers' strike vote is valid up to August 25. Will Canada Post lock workers out, extend negotiations and therefore the strike vote's validity, or will the union serve a 72-hour strike notice?
Harrowsmith Now August 12
Harrowsmith Now
Ian Baird has no reason to be blue. The hot, dry summer which has plagued home gardeners and farmers across Ontario has been a welcome zephyr to the owner of the Terre Bleu Lavender Farm near Milton.
Canadians for Tax Fairness August 12
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Canada's Revenue Minister promised to use the leaked documents to launch audits and go after possible tax cheats. So, has anything changed?
Canadian Labour Congress August 12
As the world celebrates International Youth Day on August 12, the Canadian Labour Congress is asking the federal government and employers to invest in greater opportunities for youth.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives August 11
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
A new study from the CCPA shows that the TPP puts Canada Post at risk of trade litigation regarding courier services and future reforms or service expansion of the Crown corporation.
Unifor August 11
Unifor opened formal contract talks with General Motors this afternoon, in what could be the most important round of auto talks in a generation. Stay informed, take action, and support #autotalks16.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers August 11
On Saturday, over 1,000 postal workers and allies gathered in Montreal and marched to Prime Minister Trudeau's constituency office to deliver our message to the government.
Socialist Worker August 8
A real estate development on islands in the Ottawa River -- in the heart of the national capital -- will test the federal government's commitment to operate in good faith with Indigenous peoples.