National Union of Public and General Employees June 23
National Union of Public and General Employees
From the inception of its campaign, the labour movement has been advocating a 100% increase in CPP benefits, but the new government agreement will only see benefits increase by a little more than 33%.
Canadian Union of Public Employees June 21
After years of labour agitation, the federal, provincial and territorial governments have finally taken action and reached an agreeement for a modest expansion of the Canada Pension Plan.
Public Service Alliance of Canada June 21
PSAC launches its #ThirstyforJustice campaign today that calls on the federal government to provide safe drinking water for all Indigenous Peoples.
Canadian Labour Congress June 21
Today the Canadian Labour Congress joins Indigenous communities across Canada in celebrating National Aboriginal Day.
Council of Canadians June 17
If the National Energy Board's revised review process, already beleaguered with problems, is credible it will show there is no social licence for Energy East and the pipeline can't and won't be built.
Canadian Union of Public Employees June 17
In a recent poll commissioned by CUPE BC, more than three-quarters of British Columbians opposed the province subsidizing private schools.
Canadian Labour Congress June 17
This flawed agreement is about protecting multinational corporation's rights. It does nothing to help workers or the environment.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers June 15
Canada Post won't budge on equal pay for female-dominated rural members. In the event of a strike, CUPW members will ensure delivery of all social assistance and pension cheques and any animals also.
Socialist Worker June 15
On the same day Toronto Police raided marijuana dispensaries, the jury in the coroner's inquest into the police shooting of Jermaine Carby essentially ruled his death as racism-fuelled homicide.
Unifor June 15
This horrifying act is a stark reminder of the danger of homophobia and transphobia and the violence that members of the LGBTQ community face every day.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives June 14
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
A new study from the CCPA deems the P3 schools program in Nova Scotia to be a failure of cost, risk management and evidence-based decision-making.
Canadian Union of Public Employees June 14
CUPE 561 is raising a red flag about recent actions of the Coquitlam Public Library Board to run itself in to the ground and spend $600,000 to expand management positions by 150 per cent.
B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union June 14
This was a hate crime, exacerbated by a culture of intolerance and a lack of responsible gun control measures.
Socialist Worker June 10
Justin Trudeau told a group of U.S. students that Canada was suited to peacekeeping roles because it lacks "some of the baggage that so many other Western countries have..." Oh, really?
United Steelworkers June 10
Steelworkers are leading a labour movement campaign to compel Quebec's Liberal government to actually adopt its own policy on pension fairness for young workers.
Canadians for Tax Fairness June 10
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Cameco is a multi-billion dollar Canadian company. They mine Canadian uranium. But they only pay 10% corporate taxes in Zug, Switzerland. Sign the petition and demand Cameco pay up.
Ontario Health Coalition June 8
Ontario Health Coalition
Help push for improved access to Ontario long-term care homes. Join in the giant "rock-in" chair tour from June 12-21 across the province.
Mining Watch June 8
British Columbians are disproportionally more on the hook for cleaning up the mess left behind by the mining industry.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions June 8
Canadian doctors are now free from criminal prosecution if they assist patients in ending their lives, following the federal government's failure to pass legislation by a June 6 deadline.
Unifor June 7
Unifor’s campaign on the Trans-Pacific Partnership ramped up this week with a training session for regional coordinators from across Canada who will spend the summer building the union's top campaign.
Canadian Union of Public Employees June 7
CUPE joins fifteen other Canadian organizations to condemn the recent events undertaken by Brazil's rightwing opposition parties that led to the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff.
United Food and Commercial Workers June 7
UFCW Canada activists and social justice allies recently rallied in Toronto to defend the rights of migrant workers in Canada.
Public Service Alliance of Canada June 3
People with MCS can suffer debilitating physical symptoms when exposed to chemicals in the environment. It is an often misunderstood medical condition and workers who have it suffer tremendously.
United Steelworkers June 3
Workers want details of a 2011 deal that ended a federal government lawsuit over U.S. Steel's failure to fulfil the terms of another secret deal that allowed the takeover of the former Stelco in 2007.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives June 3
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
This new study shows that Canada cannot meet its global climate commitments while at the same time ramping up oil and gas extraction and building new export pipelines.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario June 2
As Canada marks National Aboriginal History Month in June, the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario is forging new perspectives in Aboriginal history and issues.
Canadians for Tax Fairness June 2
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Of all Canada's government departments, the Canada Revenue Agency has been the absolute worst at deleting records -- far after the time it is is supposed to dispose of records by law.
Canadian Labour Congress June 2
The fight for $15 is a concrete way to push back against growing inequality and precarious work -- join the fight for decent work!
Unifor May 31
On May 31 the shareholders of Hydro One will meet to discuss profits made at the expense of taxpayers. The majority of hydro is still owned by the people. It's not too late to stop privatization.
Canadian Union of Public Employees May 31
A new ad from CUPE workers in Newfoundland and Labrador takes aim at Premier Ball's plans to close half of the province's libraries.