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Derrick Jensen on diversity of tactics--must watch!

Just found these on the tube.  I think this is an essential compliment to the discussions here about diversity of tactics, non violence etc.  Derrick makes some really powerful arguments against pacifism as a useful tool.  A little meandering, but it's really worth watching all 6 parts.  If you're in a rush, start at part 5 to hear the arguments against pacifism.

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How To Occupy A Member of Parliament's Office 2,000 words

Here, this is a fantastic set of proven to work ideas that make a difference. On behalf of the great disciplined patriot Jacob Hunter I present this piece. Spanner McNeil


How to Occupy a Member of Parliament's Office

By Jacob Hunter, Cannabis Culture - Tuesday, July 27 2010


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G20 Bail hearings continue, Crown appealing some releases

- please forward -


Bail hearings continue for G20 activists detained for a month;

Crown appealing release of some. Communities express support for defendants and denounce criminalization of dissent.

July 26, Toronto - Leah Henderson, Amanda (Mandy) Hiscocks, and Alex Hundert, along with others, are facing politically-motivated charges in relation to the Toronto G8/G20 protests. The three were pre-emptively arrested at gun-point in a house raid on the morning of June 26, before protests began.

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New Version: On Legitimate and Illegitimate Protest

Ok all you babblers,

I have heard from many people who read the original version of this piece. In response to all your thoughts, I significantly reworked it to include new ideas that people shared with me and to clarify the most important ways we need to build solidarity right now.

Given the ongoing need for unity as we continue to work to get our friends out of jail, get all the charges dropped, and build the movement from within, seems like a good time to post this new and updated version.


Toronto and Vancouver: On legitimate and illegitimate protest

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Am I not allowed to work with ``vulnerable population`` because of my hepatitis B status

Hello fellow babblers, apparently my life is not hard enough due to my trans identity, but As far I am also  born with the Hap B virus through neonatal infection, I am still a Hapetitis B carrier although i have never been active and feel healthy.  I want to work with people with disabilities , but I found out during the interview that I cannot become a volunteer for people with mental disabilities because of my health disability. Is this legal , and can i ever become a social worker or a nurse or anything like that because i cannot provide an immunization record (since I have it)

I tried to google for this information, but I just cannot find anything! please help

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I can't believe, it they are taking down the G20 surveillance cameras.

I was walking by Queen/Bay today and was surprised to see them keeping their promise and taking down the surveillance cameras. I really didn't think they would do it but I have to give them credit. If things didn't go as bad as they did I'm sure they would have kept them.

Removing G20 cameras

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad their keeping their word.

Removing G20 cameras

Daniel .. Toronto

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Chinese locks in their poor at night

This raises a lot of questions and concerns:

I don't believe it is unreasonable to characterize these as night-time concentration camps -- they are secured by armed guards.

It is offensive enough to me to see gated communities for the rich as we have here and in the US. This is so much worse. From a human rights point of view, we can't pretend not to see this especially if some of these workers are making products we buy. We should not pretend we are not participants. These are workers.

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Read, Share, and Endorse the Vancouver G8/G20 Solidarity Statement!

See the full statement, updates on arrests and charges, additional comments, and how you can help at:  

We, a broad-based network of Vancouver and BC civil society organizations and individuals, call for the immediate release of all those currently being held as part of the G8/G20 Summit police operations, and for all charges against community organizers to be dropped.

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On Legitimate and Illegitimate Protest

Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightening. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.
Frederick Douglass, 1857


This page grows out of dialogue with many community members between the Vancouver Olympics in February and the Toronto G8/G20 in June. It needs saying.

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Statement from the Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance: In "Carnage" We Find Beauty.

This is a repost that was found on various interspaces on July 6th 2010. We write this statement in unwavering defiance to the ongoing attempt to silence us: those who militantly voice their opposition to this ecocidal, colonial- capitalist state, and the corporations that profit from its systemic violence. The state does not represent us, and we do not consent to its rule or its racist, patriarchal 'justice' system, which only serves to uphold the interests of the ruling elite. In regards to the ongoing scapegoating of anarchists in a debacle reminiscent of the McCarthy era: This 'black scare' will not work. Nor is it an exception.

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Were the burning cop cars a staged event?

I know it's been discussed in other threads but this topic cries for one on its own. 

I have watched a number of Youtube videos and the CTV raw footage of the vandalism. And  I am inclined to dismiss most mastermind conspiracy theories as silliness.

But those two cop cars, abandoned for whatever reason - reasons that are never discussed - just seem to be a little too convienient.  This is in a city, in an area, that has way too many cops for the occasion, many kitted out in the latest in riot gear that make the whole scene look like a bad Stars Wars spoof.


Day of Action for Civil Liberties

Jul 10, 2010 to Jul 11, 2010
Across Canada
43° 39' 9" N, 79° 22' 54.0012" W
Demonstrate your opposition to the excessive use of police force and the unprecedented curtailment of civil liberties.
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More arrested after the G20 Summit in Toronto


I just found out that Charlie Vietch of the 'Love Police' was arrested as he trying to board his plane to England. He was an active participant in the G20 protests as a peaceful protester.

Here are the details:


He is being arrested for this:


I know this is an introduction page...i just did not know where else to post it.





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CAS says children should not be involved in G20

This is a great article about how the CAS will be present and "on call" during the G8/G20 protests in Toronto.

I'm so annoyed at this comment by their spokesperson:


While Fleming did note that he respects the right to protest, he feels children should not be involved at the G20.

"You never know what these things will turn out to be. As a parent I'd have concerns. I'd have good intentions but not everyone has the same thoughts. I would think twice before taking my kids. The protests have been known to become violent and that would be a concern for anyone there."

And I loved John Clarke's response:

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Canada-Israel Committee counters criticism of Israel with homophobic tweet

They removed it after they got complaints, but luckily, someone was on their toes and got a screen capture of a homophobic remark the Canada-Israel Committee posted about Libby Davies on Twitter.


Davies' goofy views must be denounced - Province ed reminds Libby mouthy lesbians aren't wanted in #Gaza

What morons.  And who does the Canada-Israel claim to represent on Twitter?


The CIC is the official rep of the organized Jewish community on matters re Canada-Israel relations.

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NDP on verge of fixing thing it screwed up 7 years ago... maybe.

So, Bill C-389, a bill to introduce the same comprehensive human rights proctections for gender identity that sexual orientation has had for 7 years has passed second reading and is slowly meandering through the House of Commons. And has passed second reading.

Finally! Bill Siskay will make whole Canada's LGBT rights body of law. Finally! Someone will undo the damage done by that retrogressive politician,


wait for it,


Svend Robinson.

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Greetings Top All

Hi All

42 year old peachnick,beatnick hippy.

Love a good conversation,I moved to Canada in 1996,I sold out ,cut my hair shaved my beard to fit in,Took me a long time to appologise to my self.

but now I am back,Mid life crisis some might say.

Love Animals ,hate competition of all kinds .Strongly believe in the zen buddist principals.

Peace and Love to you All





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