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Ford vs Smitherman vs Pantalone

I think its time for a new generic thread about the Toronto mayoralty race. The news today is that Adam Vaughan has grudgingly endorsed Smitherman, while damning him with faint praise:


"“I like Joe and I consider him a friend, but you have to fight the election you’re dealt, not the one you want,” Vaughan said in an interview Friday morning.

“The only way to deal with Rob Ford is George Smitherman. I’m prepared to work with George Smitherman,” he said.

Oct 14, 2010
Ballot image, from a photo by D'Arcy Norma/Flickr

Moving forward on municipal voting reform in Toronto

Larry Gordon
Progressive activists have been fighting for fair and proportional systems, and voter equality, at the federal and provincial levels. Now we need to press for the same at the municipal level.


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