Nov 7, 2018
Shopping strip in Australia

Bosses making billions underpaying migrant workers

Asia Pacific Currents
Temporary migrant workers are very vulnerable due to the precarious nature of their work visa. Many employers in Australia exploit this by underpaying them.
A march for raising social assistance. The banner reads "the time is now, raise social assistance!"

Townhall on Cuts to OW and ODSP

Nov 14, 2018
St.Luke's United Church
353 Sherbourne Street
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA
Ford's announcement on the social assistance cuts will be designed to cerate confusion and sow division. Join us to make sense of it.

Stick it to Ford: Defend Our Communities

Nov 17, 2018
Ford's Business: Deco Labels & Tags
28 Greensboro Drive
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA
Ford won't back down unless we step up. He's made it personal, it's time to return the favour.
Oct 30, 2018
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Who's really abusing paid sick days?

Jesse McLaren
We need to expand paid sick days and police abusive workplaces, not cut paid sick days and police sick workers.
Oct 31, 2018
Australian workers taking to the streets

Australian workers taking to the street

Asia Pacific Currents
Stagnating wages, insecure work and harsh laws against organizing have galvanized Australian unions to campaign for better rights, better conditions and better laws.


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