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Statement from the Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance: In "Carnage" We Find Beauty.

This is a repost that was found on various interspaces on July 6th 2010. We write this statement in unwavering defiance to the ongoing attempt to silence us: those who militantly voice their opposition to this ecocidal, colonial- capitalist state, and the corporations that profit from its systemic violence. The state does not represent us, and we do not consent to its rule or its racist, patriarchal 'justice' system, which only serves to uphold the interests of the ruling elite. In regards to the ongoing scapegoating of anarchists in a debacle reminiscent of the McCarthy era: This 'black scare' will not work. Nor is it an exception.

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Whither China

Upon hearing Richard Fadden describe some Canadian politicians as being influenced by foreign governments, leaning towards China, I want to discuss on a larger scale how Canada should be conducting our relationship with China. Under former PM Chretien, Canada seemed to be moving towards closer relations with China, namely along the lines of nuclear trade. Since PM Harper has come to power, it seems that the more hard-line reform elements within the party whom have long wanted Canada to be tougher on China because of human rights abuses, our relationship with China has deteriorated. China is and will be for the foreseeable future, a super power. The more China industrializes and its middle class grows, the bigger the threat it becomes to US economic hegemony.

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CAS says children should not be involved in G20

This is a great article about how the CAS will be present and "on call" during the G8/G20 protests in Toronto.

I'm so annoyed at this comment by their spokesperson:


While Fleming did note that he respects the right to protest, he feels children should not be involved at the G20.

"You never know what these things will turn out to be. As a parent I'd have concerns. I'd have good intentions but not everyone has the same thoughts. I would think twice before taking my kids. The protests have been known to become violent and that would be a concern for anyone there."

And I loved John Clarke's response:

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Canada-Israel Committee counters criticism of Israel with homophobic tweet

They removed it after they got complaints, but luckily, someone was on their toes and got a screen capture of a homophobic remark the Canada-Israel Committee posted about Libby Davies on Twitter.


Davies' goofy views must be denounced - Province ed reminds Libby mouthy lesbians aren't wanted in #Gaza

What morons.  And who does the Canada-Israel claim to represent on Twitter?


The CIC is the official rep of the organized Jewish community on matters re Canada-Israel relations.

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Rob Ford: The Mayor We Deserve?

I recently moved into a new apartment.  The harmoniousness of its affordability to niceness ratio and its proximity to work and essential services (i.e. The Beer Store) make it an ideal home for me at this phase in my life.   So all is well with my current living situation, with one nagging exception....

I share a building with Rob Ford’s biggest fan.


Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada Book Launch

Jun 25, 2010 to Jun 26, 2010
Pulpfiction Books on Main
2422 Main Street
V5T 3E2 Vancouver , BC
49° 15' 47.6064" N, 123° 6' 3.0672" W
British Columbia CA
Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio In Canada book launch at Pulpfiction on Main, Vancouver, 7:00 pm. Free admission.
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Just to start the conversation I've been contemplating the massive cultural and financial effects of pension plans.

The basic assumption is that at 65 if you don't work you don't get any money.

Why is this ?

We do have the Canada Pension Plan as a national program but all other pension arrangements require everybody, TO MAXIMISE THE RATE OF RETURN, WHICH IS NO DIFFERNT THEN PLAYING ROULETTE.

For maximun returns people ignore common sense and prudence.

If there was one adequare National Pension Plan or a guarenteed minimun allowance for all people of all ages the entire smoke and mirrors aspect of financial investing would be unnessary.

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Rabble's politics of dividing the left

Rabble.ca 's politics dividing the left.

I was introduced to rabble in January by a friend.I loved reading the blogs and arcticles and I love the 'Not Rex Murphy' commentaries.

I became politically aware in high school in the 1980's at the beginning of the conservative revolution lead by then U.S. president Ronald Reagen and and British P.M. Margaret Thatcher.

I was awakened by the new breed of conservatism which practiced a neo-fascism bent on killing the left wing progressive revolution that flourished in the 60's with the civil rights movement and the 'counterculture' which gave wave to the pacifist movement of peace and love.


Autism Awareness Fundraiser

Jun 5, 2010 to Jun 6, 2010
The Silver Dollar
486 Spadina Avenue Spadina & College Street
43° 39' 30.0996" N, 79° 24' 1.3176" W
An fun evening out to raise awareness (and a few dollars) for the Ontario Autism Coalition.
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A Chretien Comeback???

So today Chretien's portrait was hung in Parliament while the leaders of the main opposition parties and the PM were in attendance. The former PM quipped "In the 19th century, William Gladstone returned to power at the age of 83." This was a tongue in cheek comment, but with all the talk about Iggy's poor performance and the Chantele Hebert article regarding the NDP/Liberal coalition, I want to pick peoples brains and see if they think a Chretien comback is perhaps a solution for the Liberals leadership troubles.


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Nova Scotia By-elections

Voters in the Glace Bay and Yarmouth constituencies will go to the polls on June 22nd to replace their M.L.A.'s who quit provincial politics once the Expense Account scandal hit earlier this year.

Glace Bay was held by Liberal Dave Wilson, and Yarmouth was held by Conservative Richard Hurlburt.  Both had held their ridings since the 1999 election.

Early indications seem to show that the Liberals could pick up Yarmouth, but they could also lose Glace Bay to the NDP, who have 3-time candidate Myrtle Campbell running again.

Stay tuned!


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Ottawa calls for Iranian ‘transparency’

Last Friday, Stephan Hashem in a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (listed as an 'author' on Israel Hasbara Committee) made stinging accusations against his government for not "taking concrete actions against Iran" and "to haul Iran before the International Court of Justice and international arrest warrant be issued for those involved in his mother's (Iranian-Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi who died in Iranian police custody on July 10, 2003) death".


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