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A Chretien Comeback???

So today Chretien's portrait was hung in Parliament while the leaders of the main opposition parties and the PM were in attendance. The former PM quipped "In the 19th century, William Gladstone returned to power at the age of 83." This was a tongue in cheek comment, but with all the talk about Iggy's poor performance and the Chantele Hebert article regarding the NDP/Liberal coalition, I want to pick peoples brains and see if they think a Chretien comback is perhaps a solution for the Liberals leadership troubles.


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Nova Scotia By-elections

Voters in the Glace Bay and Yarmouth constituencies will go to the polls on June 22nd to replace their M.L.A.'s who quit provincial politics once the Expense Account scandal hit earlier this year.

Glace Bay was held by Liberal Dave Wilson, and Yarmouth was held by Conservative Richard Hurlburt.  Both had held their ridings since the 1999 election.

Early indications seem to show that the Liberals could pick up Yarmouth, but they could also lose Glace Bay to the NDP, who have 3-time candidate Myrtle Campbell running again.

Stay tuned!


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Ottawa calls for Iranian ‘transparency’

Last Friday, Stephan Hashem in a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (listed as an 'author' on Israel Hasbara Committee) made stinging accusations against his government for not "taking concrete actions against Iran" and "to haul Iran before the International Court of Justice and international arrest warrant be issued for those involved in his mother's (Iranian-Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi who died in Iranian police custody on July 10, 2003) death".

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Toronto Votes 2010

Fluoride is what city hall calls it, and lobbyists wouldn't blame them . Who wants to hear the real truth of what it is, or rather what it isn't? It is not a pharmaceutical grade or organic fluoride such as that found naturally in Toronto's well water. Rather, an inorganic fluoride is laced in an industrial waste pollutant called HEXAFLUOROSILICIC ACID (HFSA). It is derived by brushing off the phosphate stalks from the phosphate fertilizer industry. We get our supply from Florida. For every 40,000 ton truck load that comes into Toronto's water treatment plants, up to 8lbs of LEAD and 2 lbs of ARSENIC come along with it. It costs YOU, the tax payer anywhere from $420.7 million to $760.5 million over a ten year period. This would be composed of:

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Lawrence Martins "As in Britain, hopes stir for Canada’s third party"

Just wondering what you babblers think about this Lawrence Martin piece. Is it reasonable to make the LibDem/NDP comparisons? Seeing the new polls and the apparent drop from 20% to around 16-18%, is the NDP boost over?

As in Britain, hopes stir for Canada’s third party

Lawrence Martin


The New Democrats are liking the buzz from abroad. Britain votes Thursday and the rise of Nick Clegg’s leftish Liberal Democrats has third-party hearts aflutter in Canada.

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Push Polling by Pharmacies

I would just like to post this, to see if anybody else has been hit with a push poll by the pharmacy industry in Ontario.  It was quite the insideous poll and I am sure it is wide-spread to combat the proposed Ontario legislation to cut out subsidies.



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It's time to tax the banks.

A campaign is already underway in the U.K. (see http://robinhoodtax.org.uk/) and some version of the idea has even been proposed by the IMF, strange as that may sound. You may have heard the news recently, with Finance Minister Flaherty going public with his veto on the idea:


Seems to me that this should be a no-brainer, as a campaign that can lift with wings...

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Who can petition the Standing Committee?

Please advise!

I need to petition the Access to Information Standing Committee and I am unclear who and under which conditions can do it. I have called and emailed the Committee but apparently no one knows.

I have hard proof that Foreign Affairs had made its own version law to actively filter out records and I have presented the proofs to the OIC but the OIC refuses to act. It even refuses to register my latest complaint.

I know of the noises the OIC has made recently about delays and all but there is a deeper root the these problems and that is the OIC itself. I do not think the government was less secretive in the days of John Reid - he just had the guts to act instead of lamenting. Today's OIC is just politics, smoke and mirrors.

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Is the Election in the UK turning out to be a blueprint for NDP success here in Canada?


It would seem that the modern trend toward people having less loyalty toward their political parties has helped the third-place Liberal-Democrats surge in the polls. Maybe there's a lesson here for the NDP?

The third party Liberal Democrats, who have recently averaged slightly under 19% in opinion polls, seem to have the most  momentum after Nick Clegg's excellent showing in the first debate. People in the UK seem to be willing to try a third party over the two parties that have monopolized power in the UK.

Clegg`s ability to harness pent up dissatisfaction against the political status quo may be something the NDP could emulate.


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The Erosion of National Policies in Canada: Part 1 Health Care

The Canadian Health Care System is being slowly dismantled in BC and in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada. Although Canadian citizens have access to OHIP the services covered are being eroded a little bit at a time. 

In Saskatchewan walk in clinics for so called orphaned patients abound. It would seem that the physicians working in these clinics get paid on a per patient basis. The more patients a doctor "sees" the more money the doctor gets. Patients are lined up and file in and out ,as if on an assembly line. Clinics here in Saskatchewan are notorious for quick-fix treatments.

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Removal of voter subsidy for political parties

I knew this was not far from top of mind and I thought they might go there in the budget. Now we know they won't because it is intended as a political election plank.

We are talking about the subsidy parties get for each vote they receive.

Unfortunately, the population has bought the media Conservative party propaganda that this is some nasty subsidy and must be stopped. There is no campaign to address this.

Parties should consider an information campaign on this.

At present there are two subsidies:

1) the per vote subsidy for all Canadians.

2) an effective 75% -- a massive percentage -- subsidy for those who donate to a party.

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Partisan Politics and the NDP

The comments by NDP supporters in some threads came to mind when I read the link below.  Here is an excerpt:

"There is an unfortunate transformation that some sometimes undergo when they become a part of what is the institution of our New Democratic Party.


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