everyone's a critic March 19
Judy Rebick | Some used to joke that it was Dalton Camp's heart transplant that moved him left. "He must have gotten the heart of a socialist," a friend who had a transplant at about the same time told me. But I t
March 18
Canadian Press | In recent years his abiding presence on Canada's political scene has played out through the pointed commentary of his weekly columns, syndicated to several newspapers.
everyone's a critic March 15
Gordon Laird | For all the talk of economic failure, few Kyoto opponents have projected beyond 2010. Much of the doom is short-term, fixed to tightly wound private investment cycles and electoral terms. The real ch
rabble news March 14
Gordon Laird | An old CBC report from the 1950s is a document of unbridled optimism: "In an uninhabited wilderness, useless for farming, citizens are staking their claim on their growing town and surrounding mining
rabble news March 13
Gordon Laird | Part Two: For decades, scientists and nuclear officials worked to protect us from big doses at nuclear reactors and high-level reactor waste. Yet now the lower reaches of the waste chain have come in
March 12
Suzanne Goldenberg | Israeli troops stormed a Palestinian refugee camp in the Gaza Strip last night, unleashing a ferocious firefight killing seventeen and wounding more than fifty Palestinians.
rabble news March 12
Gordon Laird | With its deserted suburban neighbourhoods and abandoned mines, Uranium City has almost fallen off the map. Houses, if they are still standing, now sell for about a dollar - the nice ones, fixed up an
March 12
Charles Rusnell and Graham Thomson | Alberta teachers are furious about tough government legislation barring their right to strike and imposing an arbitration process they say is stacked against them.
March 12
Duncan Campbell | In the wake of the September 11 attacks, the United States has been secretly sending prisoners suspected of al-Qaeda connections to countries where torture during interrogation is legal. According to
March 12
Red Pepper | A delegation of Indian women farmers from Andhra Pradesh demonstrate in London March 18 against United Kingdom development vision that gives American food company Monsanto free rein to plant genetica
March 8
Mick Lowe | Is Ottawa considering a multi-million dollar subsidy to Inco's Voisey's Bay nickel development in Labrador at the expense of taxpayers in Ontario and Manitoba? That's the alarming conclusion I drew t
everyone's a critic March 8
Judy Rebick | If the anti-globalization movement fails to recognize the twin dangers of neoliberalism on the one side and fundamentalism on the other, it will not address the concerns of half of humanity. If the c
everyone's a critic March 7
Anne Marie Aikins | With playwright Djanet Sears' latest work, her bold and brilliant dream for a black theatre company has been made a reality. "The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God" made audiences laugh, cr
everyone's a critic March 6
John Clarke | His name was Special Agent Edward J. Seitz of the United States Department of State Diplomatic Security Service. He wanted to know who I knew, where Jaggi Singh was, whether I was aware that I looked
March 5
Julian Borger | The United States Attorney General, John Ashcroft, wants workers at the Department of Justice to sing patriotic songs penned by their idiosyncratic boss. The current hit? "Let the Eagle Soar." When a
March 5
Duncan Campbell | God is, in fact, a relative newcomer to the United States' pledge of allegiance and was only included in it because of a rightwing religious lobby's efforts during the McCarthyite era.
March 5
CBC News Staff | "We continue to work closely with the Argentine authorities and have received excellent support from the Canadian government. However, there is still a great deal of uncertainty concerning the implem
March 4
Lisa Priest | Leslie Perkins hopes to match prospective parents as early as this summer to some of the thousands of unused embryos stored in the deep, nitrogen freezing tanks of fertility clinics. She acknowledges
everyone's a critic March 1
Alan Sears | A review of the book "In a Queer Country: Gay and Lesbian Studies in the Canadian Context."
everyone's a critic March 1
Terry Goldie | In old western movies, the cowboys always feel tremors of fear when they move into "Indian country." Native people in Canada now use that phrase to identify a state of mind, an epistemological territ
rabble news February 28
Reuel S. Amdur | You have a physical disability that bars you from work. You are severely schizophrenic. You are clinically depressed. You live in Ontario. Now, prove it. Good chance you can't - at least not to the s
February 28
Doug Ward | On Tuesday morning, Harry Rankin, one of Vancouver's true larger-than-life characters, fell victim at eighty-one to a faulty heart and pneumonia.
rabble news February 27
Larry Lack | Two Saskatchewan organic farmers have filed a suit against two producers of genetically engineered canola. The suit states that the companies' canola was introduced without a full assessment of its s
February 26
Jordon Moss | A new group, called Peaceful Tomorrows, was created by family members of September 11 victims. They want to encourage discussion of alternatives to war and to bring aid to families affected by the U.
February 22
Wagner James Au | Now you — and your children — can experience the exhilaration of anti-globalization activism in the comfort of your own living room. Sony Playstation 2's "State of Emergency" lets you take
February 21
Flore de Préneuf | Ezra is an Israeli Jew. Selim is a Palestinian Muslim. The men are lovers, and live together in Jerusalem. These facts alone are cause for their arrest, harassment, or even death. By comparison, Rome
February 21
Tom Arnold | Canadians will soon have access to the latest in diagnostic medical technology within our own borders. Next week, the country's first private Computed Axial Tomography (CAT) screening clinic will ope
February 21
Peter McLaughlin | The Hamm government's determination to balance the books is compromising the health and safety of Nova Scotians. So says provincial auditor-general Roy Salmon in his annual report, released Wednesday
February 20
Kanina Holmes | An investigation appears to have solved the mysterious disappearance of eleven stillborn transgenic piglets from a freezer at Ontario's University of Guelph. The remains had been destined for the inc
February 20
Caryl Rivers | A new book from from down-under (under the 49th parallel, that is) claims that the American media are too &#147;pro-feminist.&#148; Not true, says <i>Women's E-news</i> correspondent Caryl Rivers. Th