February 15
rabble staff | Canada has ranked fourth in a study of 142 nations' environmental-protection practices. The Economix Forum used its Environmental Sustainability Index — or ESI — to assess factors such as l
February 14
Hugh Winsor | Dalton Camp, one of Canada's best-known political commentators, is in a Fredericton hospital following what doctors have described as a major stroke.
February 14
Canadian Press | "It will be illegal to live in public places, on the streets and in the parks (in Ontario)," Flaherty told a huddle of reporters as an icy wind whipped the street corner in one of the wealthiest spot
rabble news February 13
Anne Marie Aikins | Hamilton police officers will be bringing video cameras with them on domestic abuse calls to tape witness statements. But will this make women safer? Will the cameras record information that is accur
rabble news February 12
Judy Rebick | In 1995, a movement of Argentina's unemployed began to block roads as a way of demanding jobs. Public sector workers, who were hardest hit by the economic crisis, soon joined the unemployed. Now, a p
February 9
Vernon Loeb | The Pentagon's expanded footprint in the former Soviet republics of Central Asia has taken on added urgency as Saudi Arabia expresses unease about the U.S. military presence in the kingdom. But some
rabble news February 8
Nate Hendley | A century after the Philippine Insurrection, troops from the United States have returned to this country as part of the current global effort to eradicate terrorism. Americans might want to brush up
February 7
Murray Dobbin | In the immediate aftermath of the Enron/Andersen Super Scandal, everyone was praying that it was a one-off thing. A freak of business nature. Just one bad dream. But the nightmare continues. The stoc
February 7
CBC News Staff | Thousands of university and college students demonstrated across Canada Wednesday February 6, 2002, to protest what they say are ever-rising tuition fees and crippling debtloads.
rabble news February 7
David Beers | They might not have obvious clout of government or be millionaires, but some environmentalists and poverty-rights advocates could well affect British Columbia's chance of winning the Olympic games.
February 7
Tom Walkom | This interim report and its "initial observations" about the medicare system is so broad, so vague, that it makes one wonder what on earth Roy Romanow - the man charged with coming up with an overarc
rabble news February 6
Jaggi Singh | The days of protest against the World Economic Forum in New York City occurred under an enormous police mobilization. Permitted protests, including the main march of anywhere between 10,000-20,000 pe
rabble news February 6
Judy Rebick | Porto Alegre, Brazil, has become a beacon for the left around the world. As the global justice movement discusses how a better world might look, it becomes increasingly clear that citizens' democrac
rabble news February 5
Judy Rebick | The genius of the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, is to bring so many movements together in one place. And what a place. This year's forum is exploring alternatives to neo-liberalism. Del
rabble news February 5
Krystalline Kraus | Across Canada, students are feeling shut out of post-secondary education due to the threat of deregulation, tuition increases and lack of federal and provincial funding. "Forget part-time work. These
rabble news February 4
Judy Rebick | Thursday, the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre kicked off with a march that brought out an estimated 25,000 people. Flags were everywhere. I'd never seen so much red before. The most common image w
rabble news February 4
Erin George, interview with Martin Khor | "The power that is coming out of the social movements is not due to ideology or theory. It is due to the fact that our views are proven correct by the actual events that are happening."
rabble news February 1
Nate Hendley | The United States Drug Enforcement Administration has announced a ban on hemp-based food products because it claims that consuming hemp products can screw up drug tests aimed at detecting pot. As a r
rabble news January 31
Jaggi Singh | The coming days will see two kinds of solidarity in this city. "Fortress Waldorf" will be the playpen of the World Economic Forum, complete with its own security perimeter and US$25,000 cover charge.
January 31
Caroline Lucas | The World Social Forum at Porto Alegre, Brazil, will be a key opportunity to identify proposals and strategies to replace this "beggar your neighbour" approach of today's economic globalization with
January 31
Richard Blow | Enron payments to top journalists are signs of an ongoing trend.
rabble news January 30
Krystalline Kraus | Squad set? You bet! With kilts, pigtails, pompoms and combat boots, radical cheerleaders chant, "Smash the state" with a smile.
January 30
Richard Norton-Taylor | Britain was not consulted by the United States about the handling of prisoners in Afghanistan - including the five Britons so far identified - it was disclosed yesterday.
January 30
Graham Fraser | For days, Prime Minister Chrétien had been saying that the issue of how Canadian soldiers would deal with the detainees was hypothetical, unaware until yesterday morning that he was a week
January 30
Barbara McLintock | British Columbia's seventy-seven Liberal Members of the Legislative Assembly say they are "leading by example" by taking a 5 per cent pay cut. Premier Gordon Campbell said yesterday the cut will take
January 29
Brian Holmes | The protests around the European Union summit in the palace of Laeken, Belgium, got huge popular support despite the freezing wind. At least 80,000 people came out for the union march, plus another 2
January 26
Boris Kagarlitsky | After the enraged population poured onto the streets of Buenos Aires, people here in Russia recalled that three years ago Argentina was being held up to us as an example. The business press was publi
January 25
Luiza Chwialkowska | The free speech rights of labour unions trump private business interests, the court declared in a 9-0 decision that sweeps aside a 1963 precedent banning so-called "secondary picketing" that harms bu
everyone's a critic January 25
Corvin Russell | "What is new politics?" This question opened a debate last Saturday that was sponsored by the New Politics Initiative. Exchanges between activist Jaggi Singh and federal MP Svend Robinson were especi
January 24
Theresa Boyle | The province's Universities Minister Dianne Cunningham yesterday rejected a request from Queen's University for the right to decide on its own tuition fees. Queen's has been leading the charge for de