Feb 28
Across B.C.'s interior, First Nations communities are deciding whether or not they will support Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline project through mutual benefits agreements.
Feb 26
As asylum seekers from Somalia and elsewhere cross the Manitoba and Quebec borders this winter, their fates are dictated by U.S. and Canadian policy alike.
Feb 24
PMO Photo by Adam Scotti
The Trudeau government suffers from an acute case of cognitive dissonance, either failing to see (or cynically not caring about) the yawning gap between its lofty rhetoric and its actual policies.
Feb 23
Image: Twitter/realDonaldTrump
Canada and the U.S. have an agreement which states both countries are safe for refugees. If that was once true, it is not today. But Canada fears economic retaliation if it called a spade a spade
Feb 22
Mainstream feminism espouses to speak for and on behalf of all women, but essentially speaks for and on behalf of white, middle-class, cis-gendered and able-bodied women.
Feb 21
The hard-right turn in Canadian public life has been orchestrated by corporations that have had more success influencing politics than in doing business.
Feb 19
Philip Dwight Morgan interviews Indigenous writer and activist Nickita Longman.
Feb 17
Trudeau has continued Harper's blanket support for Israel in recent UN votes and in the process left Canada isolated from almost all other nations.
Feb 16
Image: @realDonaldTrump/Twitter
The Liberal government is in the process of passing an extraordinary piece of legislation, C-23, which effectively cedes Canadian sovereignty to U.S. border officials.
Feb 15
Image: Facebook/Stop Kinder Morgan
While governments may have announced their support for Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline, opponents are continuing to strengthen their fight against the project in court.
Feb 14
Photo: Caelie_Frampton/flickr
On February 14, the Women's Memorial March continues to honour the lives of missing and murdered women and all women’s lives lost in the Downtown Eastside.
Feb 12
Finance Minister Mike De Jong is promoting a balanced budget, but the reality is much bleaker.
Feb 10
Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have already burned the bridges he built, both to the left and to the right, that won him a majority government in 2015.
Feb 9
Photo via MiningWatch Canada
Indigenous people, Afro-Colombians, union leaders, farmers, students and academics in Colombia confront Canadian mining companies.
Feb 8
Photo via KAIROS Canada
Last January, KAIROS released its wish list for the year -- 10-plus-one hopes for the federal government and the provinces to fulfill.
Feb 7
Image: Flickr/Olivia Chow
With online news accounting for so much of what we see and learn, a smart Internaut needs ways to assess the increasingly startling reports that other people share.
Feb 5
Steve Bannon's political ideology stems Clash of Civilization theories and fear of the other.
Feb 3
Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Canadians need a prime minister who walks the walk. Not one who says the right thing and then backs down when push comes to shove.
Feb 2
Image: Twitter/@pannetonc
An engineering professor, a halal grocery shop owner, a civil servant and father of four. These were among the six men gunned down by a French-Canadian nationalist in a Quebec City mosque.
Feb 1
Image: Flickr/FibonacciBlue
Representatives from legal groups that launched the Islamophobia Legal Assistance Hotline held a press conference in the wake of this weekend's shooting at a Quebec City mosque.
Jan 31
Photo: Christopher Majka
Nova Scotians stood together with people across Canada to make clear this was not a vision of society that they condone or espouse.
Jan 30
It appears the attack in Quebec City was motivated by hatred of Muslims. That should be a wake-up call to all Canadians.
Jan 29
A report released last week calls for massive intervention in Canadian corporate media--but should it really be saved?
Jan 27
Photo: Mobilus In Mobili/flickr
It was a day of solidarity with the citizens of the U.S. where millions around the world also said "Hey, we're with you in the struggle." Here is the sound of that resistance.
Jan 26
Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Let's be clear: there would be no Keystone XL rebirth without the most offensive, dangerous and inflammatory presidential campaign in modern history.
Jan 25
Photo: Joe Brusky/flickr (http://bit.ly/2jpE6Y6)
A new series documents the histories and present-day urgencies of Indigenous resistance.
Jan 24
Photo: CIAT/flickr
It's time for policies that invest in agriculture in Canada and in programs we support internationally -- policies that link food production and small land holdings, and that mitigate climate change.
Jan 23
rabble's B.C. Editor Samaah Jaffer's address to the 15,000 people who attended the Vancouver Women's March on Washington.
Jan 22
Hundreds of thousands of people gathered to march around the world this weekend on the heels of Trump's inauguration. (Photo credit: Karl Nerenberg)
Jan 20
Photo: Chris Yakimov/flickr
Using draconian laws like Bill C-51, the oil industry and their supporters will rely on fear, threat, division and violence in the face of pipeline resistance.